Boundless CFX+

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The Boundless CFX+ is for those who prefer portability and simple vaping above customization. Even while it may not have all the features of other brands, it excels at the thing that matters the most, creating high-quality vapour. The CFX+ is a great option if you only vape herbs and want a dependable vape you can take with you wherever.

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Boundless CFX Plus
This item: Boundless CFX+

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20,999.00 Inc GST
20,999.00 Inc GST
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Boundless CFX+: The Ultimate Vaping Companion

The Boundless CFX+ dry herb vaporizer is designed for individuals who desire a CFX that is more portable, has additional functions, a USB-C charging connector, and produces a slightly lighter smoke. The user interface has been improved, and it features adjustable session controls and a charging time that is much quicker. You will enjoy how efficiently and completely the CFX plus transforms your herbs into flavorful and rich vapour, just as with all other vaporizers. Conduction heating is used in the ceramic heating chamber, which takes about 30 seconds to reach vaping temperatures. A modified zirconia vapor route on the Boundless CFX Plus cools and softens the vapor for comfortable sessions. In addition, it has a silicone layer to protect your device from drops and scratches. The most recent USB-C charging has reduced charge times to under an hour.

Precision and preset are the two temperature settings available on the CFX+. The modified magnetic mouthpiece that comes with the Boundless CFX Plus makes it quicker and easier to fill the chamber with herbs as well as to clean it. With the magnetic mouthpiece and metal stirring tool that are conveniently located on its underside. The CFX+ is simple to fill and empty. The Boundless CFX+ is one of the easiest dry herb vaporizer to keep clean. The only routine maintenance is to remove the herbs from the chamber. Included are the cleaning tool and stirring tool for use once your session is over.

Key Features-

  • Easy to use
  • Large colour display
  • Chamber made of ceramic
  • Heating time 30 seconds
  • Easy to clean
  • Zirconia cooling air path
  • USB-C charging port

How to Use –

  1. To enter the chamber, remove the magnetic mouthpiece.
  2. Lightly fill the chamber with herbs.
  3. Reattach the mouthpiece.
  4. Start the device by pressing up and down buttons and wait till it vibrates.
  5. It will now start heating up to the current temperature setting on the Boundless CFX+. By using the up or down button, the desired temperature can also be changed.
  6. Wait for it to reach the selected temperature and wait for the vibration which will take around 30 seconds.
  7. The delicious vapour is now ready to be inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Technical specifications –

  • Size: 7.0 × 3.0 × 10.0 cm
  • Weight: 284 g
  • Heating: Conduction
  • Heat-up time: 30 seconds
  • Power source: Battery (2 × 2500 mAh)
  • Temperature: 121°C to 221°C
  • Manufacturer: Boundless
  • Country of manufacture: China

What’s in the box –

  • 1 x CFX+ Vaporizer
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Stir Tool
  • 1 x USB-C Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

Warranty –

All products come with a 1-year warranty backed by Giggle Grass.


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