Boundless CFX+

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The boundless CFX+ Vaporizer is an advanced portable vaporizer system that features the latest heating technology and intuitive UI to manage the device. Be prepared to rip the biggest clouds of vapor while ensuring your material is heated evenly and efficiently.

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Boundless CFX Plus
This item: Boundless CFX+

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23,999.00 Inc GST
23,999.00 Inc GST

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Who is the Boundless CFX+ intended for?

For those looking for a more portable  Boundless CFX+ with more features, a USB-C charge connector, and slightly lighter vapor, there is the Boundless CFX+ dry herb vaporizer. The UI has been improved, and it features adjustable session controls and a charging time that is much quicker.

A History of Vaping

The Boundless CFX+ Vaporizer was designed with innovation in mind and offers a smooth vaping experience with a zirconia cooling air route and non-combustion heating technology. The  CFX+ is an example of how vaporizers have evolved over time, with a focus on technology to provide an improved user experience.

Key Features of Boundless CFX+ :

  • Zirconia Cooling Air Path
  • Upgraded UI
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature
  • Preset Temp Options
  • USB-C Charging


  • CFX+ Unit
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stir Tool
  • USB-C Charger
  • User Manual


Enjoy Spiral Cooled Vapor

Temperature Levels: Precise Control
Sessions Per Charge: 6 – 8 sessions average
Chamber Material: Ceramic
Heating System: Conduction
Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty and 90-day warranty on the battery.

6 months Assisted GiggleGrass warranty.


A 90-day battery guarantee is included with the three-year manufacturer’s warranty for the Boundless CFX+. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee always protects you.


VAPING’S FUTURE- Improved User Interface

The future of vaporising is a vaporizer with so much technology built into one device, and it has finally here.The CFX+’s enhanced user interface has a colourful digital display with the following information:

  • Battery Life
  • Current Heating Temperature
  • Selected Heating Temperature
  • Preset Temperature Level
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer
  • Full-Color Display & Settings Menu


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