DrDabber Stella™

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Dr.Dabber® has perfected the high-end vaporizer pen through years of experience and innovation. The Stella™ is the next-gen vaporizer pen.

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Precision Engineering
The Stella has set the standard for a luxury vaporizer pen, made of black stainless steel for an exquisite but robust visual style. You’ll be able to find the optimum temperature for any sort of concentrate with three heat settings and a preheat/sesh option. The battery lasts up to 40 full heating cycles on a single charge and has pass-through charging, allowing you to keep using your pen while it charges.

Flavor Without Compromise
Stella atomizers are made entirely of ceramic, with no exposed coils, and feature a floating vaporization chamber for optimum efficiency. The floating chamber helps focus the heat to the vaporization chamber by decreasing contact between the chamber and the rest of the pen. This decreases heat transmission to the user’s hand and helps reduce heat transfer to the vaporization chamber. Stella atomizers last a long period of time and maintain a consistent temperature during the heating process, resulting in maximum flavour with minimal waste.

The Dr.Dabber Stella is exactly how dabbing on the go should be!

MATERIALS: Oil (510 threaded cartridges are not compatible with the Stella™ battery)
TEMPERATURE RANGE: 4 Temperature settings including a preheat/session mode – 460-775° F
HEAT UP TIME: 5 seconds
HITS PER CHARGE: Up to 40 heating cycles on a single charge
CHARGE TIME: 1 hour for a full charge
CHARGE CABLE: USB-C pass-through charging
WARRANTY: We offer a 1-year warranty on the Stella™ battery, charger, and electrical components
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: Height 5″, Diameter 0.65″, Weight 2.5 oz


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