DrDabber Stella™

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The Dr. Dabber Stella is a vape pen that is portable and works with waxes and concentrates. Quartz chamber, ceramic mouthpiece, and a sleek stainless steel body are its distinguishing features.

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DrDabber Stella
This item: DrDabber Stella™

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16,999.00 Inc GST
16,999.00 Inc GST
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Easy to maintain and quick to assemble:

The Dr Dabber Stella Vaporizer design allows you to twist the atomizer free from the pen’s base after removing the mouthpiece with a light tug. Both the installation and maintenance are extremely easy. You only need a q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol to clean out the chamber to keep it clean. You’ll keep the device in top condition if you repeat this procedure occasionally.

Advanced Engineering of Dr Dabber Stella:

The Stella, which is made of black stainless steel for an exquisite yet sturdy visual style, has established the benchmark for a luxury vaporizer pen. Three heat settings and a preheat/sesh option let you find the ideal temperature for any type of concentrate. The battery has pass-through charging, allowing you to continue using your pen while it charges, and it can last up to 40 complete heating cycles on a single charge.

Flavor Without Sacrifice:

Stella atomizers have a floating vaporisation chamber for maximum efficiency and are entirely made of ceramic. They have no exposed coils. By reducing contact between the chamber and the rest of the pen, the floating chamber aids in concentrating heat to the vaporisation chamber. As a result, less heat is transferred to the user’s hand and toward the vaporisation chamber. The long lifespan and constant temperature of Stella atomizers during heating ensure maximum flavour with the least amount of waste.

Features of Dr. Dabber Stella:

  • Made of Medical graded materials
  • Sleek & Discreet
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Vaping while charging
  • SnapTech Magnetic Technology
  • 3 different Heat Settings
  • Easy to Clean
  • Improved Battery Technology


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