Full Metal Jacket ( FMJ ) (Made in India)

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Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Meet the FMJ. A Full Metal Jacket was constructed to extract a full chamber in 1 heat cycle. Made from 99.99% Copper, the FMJ can transform your cap into a powerful one-hitter. How? Simply slide the jacket onto a CAPTIVE CAP. The FMJ will change the way you use a DynaVap vapcap.

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Why Copper?

Since the cap is made of copper, you can get a uniform heat-up without rotating your tip. You can select how dense and dark you want your extraction to be during your initial heat cycle because it functions as a thermal reservoir that stores and disperses heat. You can relax a little more about your response time following the click because the copper jacket serves as a greater combustion buffer.

Heat It Up

Our distinctive logo serves as more than just a mark of reliability. Your torch uses the FMJ’s logo as a point of visual reference. Direct the flame at the Simrell logo for the optimal heat up. The colour of the copper will start to change as it warms up. You are at the ideal distance to heat the cap when this “hot spot” is the size of the logo. You’ll have around 60 seconds to empty the bowl after it clicks.

Advanced Heat Method
You will produce the darkest roast possible by covering the airport with your stem, which will raise the temperature and pressure inside the chamber. You will receive a low temperature, less dense extraction, and lesser pressure in the chamber if you leave the airport completely open during your session. By changing your airport usage, you can alter your roast by manipulating the chamber’s heat and pressure.


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