Smart Combo

24,499.00 Inc GST

Our most recent Ispire Wand & Dynavap M 2021 with Dynavap Adapter kit is now available, aimed at those looking to dive into the dynaverse with the best possible loadout.

This item: Smart Combo
24,499.00 Inc GST
24,499.00 Inc GST
Dynavap M essentials kit
1 × DynaVap: The "M - 2021" Essentials Kit

Available on backorder

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Dynavap M with Ispire Wand
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iSpire Wand™
1 × iSpire Wand™

In stock

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ispire wand & tripod stand with dynavap adapter
19,497.00 Inc GST
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There’s no need to waste time learning torching techniques or refilling and maintaining torch lighters. Simply turn on the wand, place the dynavap in the heating chamber, and listen for the click! The most approachable experience for newcomers.

Kit Content :

This kit can include Ispire Wand + Dynavap M 2021+ Dynavap Adapter.

The pricing is also really attractive as the items when bought separately end up costing 24499 INR

Use your Ispire Wand hands free with this Dynavap M 2021. The Wand™ combined with our borosilicate glass bangers creates a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating the need for a torch along with the wires and coils found with other eNails.These are the long awaited official Ispire DynaVap adapter kits for The Wand induction heater. They fit neatly into The Wand to provide a secure and safe holder for your DynaVap while it heats!

We highly recommend this Ispire Wand & Dynavap M 2021 with Dynavap Adapter kit !

Product Features:

  • Induction Heating
  • Compatibility
  • Genuine Authentic Ispire Original Product
  • Adjustable Bowl
  • Anchored Grip


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