DynaVap The M: VerdiuM Welcome Kit

12,999.00 Inc GST

Viridescent. Extractor. Radiant. Dynamic. Indestructible. Unique. “M”. Make your life a little greener with the highly anticipated VerdiuM! Featuring a range of hues, including yellows and blues. Cap may have minor color changes due to heat.

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DynaVap The M VerdiuM Welcome Kit
This item: DynaVap The M: VerdiuM Welcome Kit

In stock

12,999.00 Inc GST
12,999.00 Inc GST
1 × Dynavap The B

In stock (can be backordered)

5,999.00 Inc GST
1 × Dynavap The M (2021)

In stock

6,000.00 Inc GST
1 × DynaVap M2021 Welcome Kit

In stock (can be backordered)

10,999.00 Inc GST
1 × Dynavap Omni

Out of stock

22,999.00 Inc GST


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