Fungi Special – Kotibé Classic

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This item: Fungi Special - Kotibé Classic

In stock

21,999.00 Inc GST
21,999.00 Inc GST
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Vapman Classic
1 × Vapman Classic Set - Olive Wood with Wooden Mouthpiece

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Mushrooms represent longevity, good relationships, mystery, healing, and nutrition. And, as it turns out, mushrooms are indeed linked with spirits because they connect all living creatures in their environment. Last but not least, they are a necessary component of every beginning and end.

This limited edition of 20 pieces is for anyone who adores these unique creatures. We want to pay attention to them and recognise their strengths!

This limited edition set includes:

  • engraved vapman classic limited edition – wood from Kotibe
  • engraved limited edition vapbag
  • vaporizer jet lighter
  • There are three types of AFC mouthpieces: titanium, inox gold plated, and inox onyx waterplated.
  • a funnel for filling


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