27,999.00 Inc GST

Key Features:

-Whip & Balloon Compatible
-New Air Intake Filter
-Redesigned LED Display
-Intuitive User Interface
-Improved Herb Glass Bowl
– Highly Efficient Convection Oven
1 Year GiggleGrass assisted manufacturer warranty

Available on backorder


The Arizer XQ2 is the long-awaited successor to the popular Arizer Extreme Q which paved the way for affordable and high-quality stationary vaporizers. Newly redesigned with a host of improvements and additions to the older design, the Arizer XQ2 is a must-have for any newbie or veteran vape head looking to get a true bang for your buck vaporizer.



  • ORIGINS  Canada
  • HEAT TIME  2 – 4 minutes
  • HEATING STYLE  Convection
  • TEMPERATURE  Max temperature 260°C
  • OPTIONS  Whip & Balloon
  • REACH  1 – 3 People
  • WARRANTY  3 Years Limited Warranty with TVAPE
  • MATERIALS  Ceramic heating element, Glass vapor path
  • KEY FEATURES  Balloon and whip options, Quiet Fan
  • GENERATION: 1st Generation

Arizer XQ2 is perfect for you if

Are you looking for a reasonable price for S&B volcano-like performance with current features? With its 360° rotating whip attachment for convenient sharing, the Arizer XQ2 offers increased versatility and ease of usage.


Arizer XQ2 comes provides optimized convection oven-quality

The Arizer XQ2 is quite good at extracting dry herb completely. The improved airflow with the whip attachment produces smooth and free-flowing vapour. No more dealing with half-baked herbs!



The new glass bowl is a better version of the popular Cyclone bowl that was previously featured in the Arizer Extreme Q. The redesigned glass bowl makes loading and packing more easier and more user-friendly. Every time, get a more flavorful and steady vape.


Hail the Arizer XQ2, Aromatherapy King

The Arizer XQ2 allows you to vaporise or diffuse your favourite aromatics or essential oils to brighten up your house. The Arizer XQ2 is a step above from your average aromatherapy diffuser thanks to its strong heating element.


Arizer XQ2 comes with a modern LED screen

Say goodbye to the original Extreme Q’s obsolete display and hello to the Arizer XQ2’s freshly designed and easier to use LED interface. The Arizer XQ2 has a straightforward and simple operating system that allows you to alter the temperature or program it to your favourite presets.


Mini Whip & Collection Bag

Use the convenient balloon system to fill collection bags/balloons with vapour to suit your preferences. Ideal for high-volume use, sharing high-quality vapour with friends, and carrying around the house! Additionally, you can alter the bag/balloon size to suit your needs.


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