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Why Choose Gigglegrass


Dry herb vaporizer experts

At Giggle Grass we understand the importance and health benefits of using cannabis and are constantly looking for healthy alternatives for cannabis consumption. With our expertise, we have curated a range of Dry herb vaporizers that are safe, easy to use/maintain, and are built to last. The popularity of DynaVap is attributed to its small size, low cost, and simplicity of use. Users appreciate that it operates entirely mechanically without batteries or electronics.


No Hassle and Hidden fees

Import and custom duty fees have already been included in the pricing, so when you purchase from us you do not have to worry about the customs clearance and pay unexpected custom duty on your products.


Faster shipping

Products are shipped from India hence the shipping time is far less than international shipping.

Giggle Grass presents you with the best alternative to live a smoke-free, healthier life. Use Dynavap’s Thermal Extraction devices to vape your herbs. It ensures optimal extraction of herbs and in a more efficient and discrete way compared to smoking.


Vaping is a subtle act of heating dried herbs to leave a pleasurable experience while also being a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping is a safer mechanism to heat dry substances which releases the active components in vapour form to be inhaled. Vaping does not leave any harmful residue in the user’s lungs, eases breathing, and does not affect people surrounding them. This contributes to the growing popularity of herb vaporizers online in India.

Vaporizing the herbs at an appropriate temperature ensures efficient extraction of the cannabinoids from the herbs. Smoking causes the burning of the herbs which destroys many cannabinoids due to the extreme temperatures and also produces cancer-causing carcinogens.  

Vaping can extract a lot more cannabinoids from the same amount of plant material by not combusting the herbs, that is, you may use less herbs to get the same desired effect.

The scent of cannabis smoking and how it lingers long after the session is well known to everybody. You don’t have to worry about the smell when using a vaporizer, because it gets cleared immediately with a little breeze of fresh air.

If you want your cannabis/dry herb intake to be healthy, efficient, and discreet, a vaporizer is a way to go.

It’s okay to set your standards of living a little higher when it comes to your passion, don’t let smoking and lung problems get in the way of a surreal experience.

Hurry up! Place your order now, and experience mesmerizing moments with the herb of your choice. Say goodbye to the informal smoking tradition and adapt the latest thermal extraction vapes for a better and healthy lifestyle.

Weed vaporizer (India) doesn’t produce an odour unlike smoking and is less harsh on the user’s throat since the burning of dry herbs gives rise to tar and other harmful substances.

Dry herb vaporizers are made to be used with natural dried herbs like hemp, cannabis, tobacco, etc. while e-cigarettes typically use synthetically produced vape juice, and is a replacement for tobacco only. 

Certain dry herb vaporizers can also use concentrates, rosins, and extracts with the help of a mesh pad. For example, by using a Dynacoil inside a Dynavap vapcap one can now use concreates and extracts in a Dynavap vaporizer.

DynaVap India

DYNAVAP – Now available in India!

Yes, you read that right. Giggle Grass is the official retailer for Dynavap in India and brings you the latest products from Dynavap available at your doorstep. Our dedicated service and prompt response will help you select the perfect vaporizer for your need and budget. Make the switch from smoking to vaping with Dynavap and Giggle Grass today.

DynaVap offers a range of thermal extraction devices that are battery free and are designed to last forever. Dry herb vaporizers operate by heating the dried herbs into dense clouds of vapor.

Dynavap ticks all boxes for an enthusiast looking for dry herb vaporizer in India. Portability, build quality and ease of use are the things that will engage a user to use a dry herb vaporizer.

  • DynaVap’s thermal extraction technology is battery-free and superior to other conventional vaporizers. 
  • Dynavap vape’s are built either from medical grade stainless steel/titanium and with the lack of an internal battery these things are built to last forever.
  • For heating your Dynavap you can use multiple options from a torch lighter, induction heaters, or even a candle flame. 
  1. Remove the cap and fill the bowl(vapcap chamber) with a dry herb of your choice. Pack it lightly and close the cap.
  2. Use a lighter or Induction heater to heat the vapcap while rotating the Dynavap in your hand. This will ensure even heat distribution and will not cause hot spots or combustion of the herb.
  3. Once you hear 1-2 clicks stop heating the vapcap and take a hit.
  4. Wait for the vapcap to cool and till you hear it click again.
  5. Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 till vapor output is reduced. (usually 4 to 5 cycles)
  6. Empty the contents of the bowl and start with fresh herbs.

Embodying a discreet and safe practice, vaping has fewer side effects than smoking. In addition to eliminating the possibility of harmful residue accumulating within your body, vapours produced during vaping do not get absorbed by surrounding objects and relieve one from the perturbation of odour.

Vaping, in general, does not have any major side effects on people and it is a healthier option than smoking,

Why DynaVap is the best alternative as compared to Combustion?

Giggle Grass provides you with the best option for living a healthier life. To extract your herbs, use Thermal Extraction Devices. It ensures optimal material extraction in a more efficient and discrete manner than traditional combustion methods.

DynaVap products are dry herb vaporizers that give outstanding flavour while extending the life of your flower reserve. DynaVap, a popular aromatherapy device in India, provides a safer and healthier alternative to combustion. It gently warms dried herbs, releasing active components as inhalable steam through thermal extraction. Dynavap enhances breathing and provides a pleasurable experience while leaving no toxic residue. This helps to explain the increasing demand for aromatherapy devices like Dynavap in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

In India, the legality of dry herb vaporizers is unclear. While no specific law prohibits their use or possession, the sale and use of drugs, including marijuana, is prohibited in India. However, there has been a growing movement in the country to legalise medical marijuana. The use of dry herb vaporizers for medical purposes may be permissible in some cases, but the legal landscape surrounding their use is complex and subject to change. To determine the current state of the law in your area, it is always best to consult with local authorities or a lawyer.

Individual preferences and needs may influence this. Both dry herb and oil vaporisation have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer the taste and effects of dry herbs, while others prefer the ease and potency of oil.

DynaVap is popular due to its small size, low cost, and ease of use. Many users also appreciate its all-mechanical operation, which does not require batteries or electronic components.

You may be able to purchase DynaVap through online marketplaces like Giggle Grass & specialized vape shops. However, due to the complex legal landscape surrounding the use of vaporizers in India, it’s best to consult with local authorities or a lawyer to determine the current status of the law in your area.

If you overheat a DynaVap, the device may become too hot to handle and could potentially cause burns. Overheating can also result in the vapor produced by the device being harsh or acrid in taste.

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Gerald J
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