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The Dani Fusion Mini Stem is the most recent product from Battery-Free Ganz. It is, in some ways, a fusion of the brand’s past models, integrating their greatest attributes in a single vaporizer. To make matters worse, it works with induction heaters!

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The Perfect Mini Companion: The Dani Fusion Mini Stem

The Dani Fusion by Battery Free Ganz (BFG) is a torch-heated solution for vaporising your herb. The Fusion is designed to give incredibly efficient extractions, allowing it to produce massive clouds of high-quality flavour while uniformly heating the chamber contents! The Fusion can also be used with The Wand induction heater, though torch heating is usually faster and more convenient.

The Stainless Steel and Titanium Vapour Path on the Dani Fusion Mini Stem, like the original wood stem, produces maximum vapour production and superb flavour. Because it is made of Vietnamese Rosewood and has a Stainless Steel lining, it wicks less heat away from the tip than pure metal choices, resulting in slightly larger clouds later in the session. The Mini Stem does not have an air port, has small grips, is well balanced around the grips, and is light enough to dangle from your mouth while inhaling! Inside, there is a Titanium Cooling Helix.

Benefits of Dani Fusion Mini Stem:

  1. Outstanding performance for smooth, delicious vapour production.
  2. High-quality materials assure durability and a high-quality vaping experience.
  3. Versatile compatibility with various vaporizers for ease and versatility.
  4. The sleek and attractive appearance gives a sense of elegance to your vaping setup.
  5. The compact size enables simple portability and on-the-go vaping.
  6. Simple maintenance and cleaning for trouble-free operation.
  7. Improved airflow design for smoother pulls and more vapour production.
  8. Heat resistant structure increases durability and protects against damage.
  9. Personalization and styling choices are available.
  10. A user-friendly design that is appropriate for both new and seasoned vapers.


  1. Materials: medical grade magnetic stainless steel and silver, titanium and wood
  2. Bowl size: approximately 0.14 g
  3. Flexible airflow control
  4. Vaporisation efficiency increased by around 30% over Dani 3
  5. Heating levels: 2
  6. The Ispire Wand allows for hands-free operation
  7. O-ring dimensions: 8 x 1 mm and 6 x 1 mm
  8. Compatible with induction heaters

How To Use It?

  • Make sure your vaporizer works with the Mini Stem Dani Fusion. Check your device’s compatibility.
  • Grind your dried herb or create your concentrate to your liking.
  • Insert the stem into your vaporizer’s heating chamber or attachment point. Check that it fits snugly.
  • Adjust the temperature settings on your vaporizer to your desired level, if applicable. Follow the instructions for your unique device.
  • If using a dry herb, place a tiny amount in the Mini Stem Dani Fusion bowl. To allow proper airflow, avoid overpacking.
  • If necessary, attach any essential attachments or mouthpieces to the Stem.
  • Turn on your vaporizer and wait for it to reach the correct temperature.
  • Once the vaporizer has reached the correct temperature, slowly and steadily inhale via the mouthpiece of the Stem.
  • Take calm and steady draws, enabling the vapour to enter your lungs through the Mini Stem Dani Fusion.
  • Remember to thoroughly clean the Mini Stem Dani Fusion after each session to ensure peak function.


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