DynaVap Dosing Capsules – Dosing Cap – 1 unit

349.00 Inc GST

DynaVap Dosing Capsules, a long-awaited and highly requested component, are now available for purchase!

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DynaVap Dosing Capsules
This item: DynaVap Dosing Capsules - Dosing Cap - 1 unit

In stock

349.00 Inc GST
349.00 Inc GST
1 × DynaVap : Dynacoil

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3,299.00 Inc GST
1 × DynaVap Dynastash ER: Wenge

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DynaVap Dosing Capsules come in packs of five and are an incredibly convenient solution for DynaVaping on the go, allowing you to avoid the need to load and empty loose dry herbs everywhere you go!

These dosing caps have a full mesh body and a mesh lid with a solid metal rim to help maintain shape and provide purchase for easy removal. They are packaged in an odor-resistant plastic tube with a capped end.

Because of the extra distance between the herb and the cap/tip caused by the mesh capsule, the design of these changes the performance of your DynaVap to be slightly more convection heavy. This slightly improves flavour while decreasing vapour production. With this in mind, we’d recommend heating for an additional half second with a torch to achieve the same results.


  • 1 x DynaVap Dosing Capsules
  • Mesh Capsule with Mesh Lid
  • Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Plastic Storage tube with Lid
  • Compatible with all DynaVap Tips
  • The welded forming process causes the darkened metal around the joints
  • Just over half of a full chamber load


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