DynaVap: M Plus with YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater

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Elevate your vaping with DynaVap M Plus and YLL IH 2.0. M Plus offers versatile, battery-free vaping, paired with YLL IH 2.0 for quick, consistent heating. The perfect combo for an enhanced experience.

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DynaVap: M Plus with YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater

The DynaVap M Plus and YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater Combo is the ultimate vaping duo, bringing together cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled experience. The DynaVap M Plus, renowned for its battery-free design and stainless steel construction, offers versatility in dry herb and concentrate usage. Its dynamic thermal extraction ensures a range of experiences, from micro-dosing to full extraction, with the option to use any heat source.

Complementing the M Plus is the YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater, designed to elevate your DynaVap sessions. This compact and portable device focuses on simplicity and speed, providing quick, accurate, and consistent heating without the need for a manual torch. Ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers, the YLL IH 2.0 enhances the overall DynaVap experience.

The synergy between the DynaVap M Plus and YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater creates the perfect combination for those seeking a distinctive and user-friendly vaping setup.

Features of DynaVap M Plus with YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater

  • YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater:
    1. Variable Power/Wattage (30W, 35W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 55W, 60W)
    2. Adjustable Heating Profile
    3. Boost Mode
    4. Timer
    5. Two Replaceable 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  • DynaVap M Plus:
    1. New tip design for faster heat-up with the first finless tip and heat indication markers.
    2. Made entirely of medical-grade stainless steel in the USA.
    3. Ability to perform almost all extractions in a single heat cycle.
    4. Square airport for simplified airflow control.
    5. Adjust-a-bowl feature to change the chamber’s size according to your needs.
    6. Pivot-style rocker for smooth manual airflow control.
    7. Robust tactile, textured finish for improved grip.
    8. Dosing chamber with an integrated grinder.
    9. 10mm female waterpiece openings on the tapered mouthpiece for a snug fit.

How To Use?

Fill your DynaVap vaporizer with a material of your choice. Gently place your loaded DynaVap M Plus with the YLL IH 2.0’s chamber. To start the heating process on the YLL IH 2.0, press the power button. The induction heater will deliver constant adjustable heat. The DynaVap makes a distinctive “pop” sound when it heats up. This shows that the material is prepared for vaporization. Use the DynaVap to breathe normally. The even heating provided by the YLL IH 2.0 produces tasty and enjoyable vapor. Remove the DynaVap and let it cool after finishing. Your next session can begin anytime you want with the YLL IH 2.0.


Replacement warranty only for defective on arrival units.


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