Dynavap M with Ispire Wand

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The stem is enhanced with an intuitive tactile navigation geometry making it easier than ever to find the next generation chiral airports. Opposite the airport you will find a pro”M”inent compound angled rocker that facilities quick and easy hand movement when modulating the airports. Finally, a 10mm tapered mouthpiece seals the deal mating perfectly with water pieces. Comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any standard size DynaStash.

Our sleek portable e-torch dab kit includes the first-ever e-torch to use induction heating. It gives you the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience every time.
With The Wand™, you’re in control.

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Dynavap M with Ispire Wand
This item: Dynavap M with Ispire Wand

In stock

16,999.00 Inc GST
16,999.00 Inc GST
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** The box will be opened and the glass parts will be checked before shipping out to prevent future hassles.

Features of DynaVap M :

  • Radiant Metal Finish
    The new DynaVap M is an amalgamation of robust and portable technology with surgical-grade metal that gives a steady grip and smooth feel.

Creative Configuration
1. Anchored Grip

The new vaporizer has a serrated (zigzag) extraction chamber with notched projections orbiting the entire rear end that highlight its incandescent build and offer a steady space for airflow.

2. Riveting Base

DynaVap M’s rear end has a dual function, working as a built-in grinder and serving as a significant plinth for the incremental fin profile of the elongated body of the vaporizer.

3. Adjustable Bowl

The highly notched extraction chamber of DynaVap M consists of an adjust-a-bowl feature that allows maximum flexibility for adjusting the dose size of the substance. This feature of DynaVap M ensures regulation of consumption as per the user’s preference to proffer unsurpassable experiences.

4. Chiral Airport

The axis of this portable vaporizer is elevated with a tactile navigation geometry that paves way for the next-generation chiral airport. Further delineating the latter, the immaculate DynaVap M has a chiral (asymmetrical) shape that produces a spiraling impact when air traverses through it, consequently making the resulting vapor thicker.

5. 10mm Tapered Mouthpiece

A slim and narrow mouthpiece feels soothing on the lips without causing a coarse reaction and is enveloped by an enhanced seal. The tapered mouthpiece on the contemporary DynaVap M portrays a tranquilizing capacity, thus offering an appeasing experience altogether.

Features of iSpire Wand™:

  • Induction Heating
  • Borosilicate Glass Banger Cups
  • Battery Operated
  • Viscosity Ranges
  • Temperature Settings
  • Safety Features
  • Compatibility


Replacement warranty only for defective on arrival units.


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