DynaVap Titaniu”M”: QuantiuM Fall Colors

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Titaniu”M” Fall Colours are back with a few new twists! The “M” is constructed of titanium for the first time and boasts a smooth Classic Stem design. The second twist is that this year’s colors are the product of a surface treatment developed by DynaVap.

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DynaVap Titaniu"M": QuantiuM Fall Colors
This item: DynaVap Titaniu"M": QuantiuM Fall Colors

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13,999.00 Inc GST
13,999.00 Inc GST
1 × DynaVap THE "M": VERDIUM

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The "M": Fall Colors PrisM
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DynaVap The VonG (i): Titanium
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Vapman Classic
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The Titaniu M Fall Colors: A Timeless Classic

The DynaVap TitaniuM QuantiuM is a brand-new line that is built of titanium and has some of the same qualities as the M+. Titanium is really popular right now. These models feature two radically different aesthetics and make use of titanium’s benefits as a light and extremely durable material for vaporizing. The Squareport airflow controller and single hit extraction capabilities, which are among our favorite features, are included in the Titaniu”M” as well as the M+, but with a beautiful new finish.

NebuluM Fall Colors: TitaniuM’s Distinctive New Style

Instead of the M+’s wood-like texture, the new TitaniuM gadgets feature the traditional smooth stem design that M users are accustomed to. The new surface that DynaVap created and first applied to the new Titanium Tip Helix is present on both of these gadgets. During this process, the titanium is strengthened and scratch-resistant, and the device is also colored and textured. The coating is particularly noteworthy because neither the application procedure nor the coating requires any chemicals; instead, the titanium is merely surface treated.

Get to Know the DynaVap TitaniuM QuantiuM Fall Colors

The gleam and luster of this lovely Titaniu”M”: QuantiuM is derived from a distinctive texture and treatment of titanium. *Colored and textured

The DynaVap TitaniuM QuantiuM is the more colorful and textured of the two new types, with a very fine speckle-like pattern that covers the entire exterior of both stem and tip. When you roll it between your fingers, the texture is enticing, and the way the light reflects and glints off it is aesthetically pleasing. We are quite happy that DynaVap continues to push the boundaries when they might easily sit on their laurels and stop doing so. The stunning, distinctive finishes on these new devices will appeal to enthusiasts. You’re sure to find the option that appeals to you among these two excellent options.

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  • 1x TitaniuM QuantiuM Fall Colors


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