DynaVap: The WoodWynd

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WoodWynd Vaporizer
This item: DynaVap: The WoodWynd

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The WoodWynd has arrived, bringing traditional wood into the current day with a sophisticated and sleek titanium-complimented design.

The stem is made of hourglass-shaped Padauk hardwood with stainless steel crowns that strengthen the stem while also providing a more solid connection for the tip and mouthpiece. The easy-to-find oval airport is located at the stem’s waist for precise airflow control.

The mouthpiece has a triple helix design to match the Helix Tip and snaps securely into the mouthpiece without the use of o-rings. Although it is not tapered, it is compatible with 10mm water pieces.

Finally, the Helix Titanium Tip has a larger surface area, which decreases heat transfer to the stem even further. The gold-colored chamber surface treatment strengthens and protects the titanium. The herb roast is evened out and hot areas are reduced with thicker chamber walls. The WoodWynd has a new exclusive CCD, the first since 2017. In addition to the regular full bowl setting, the Helix offers a half bowl micro-does setting.

The WoodWynd is totally modular with all DynaVap vaporizers and is topped with a Captive Cap.

Fits into any XL DynaStash or SlimStash.

What’s in the box –

  • 1 x WoodWynd Vaporizer


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