Glass Adapter 10mm Male to 14mm Female

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The 10mm Male to 14mm Female Glass Adapter is a useful tool for connecting glass parts with various connection sizes and is compatibility with unique smoking setups.

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10mm Male to 14mm Female Glass Adapter
This item: Glass Adapter 10mm Male to 14mm Female

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499.00 Inc GST
499.00 Inc GST
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10mm Male to 14mm Female Glass Adapter

The 10mm Male to 14mm Female Glass Adapter is a flexible accessory that allows you to connect 10mm male glass joints to 14mm female glass joints. The high-quality glass adapter guarantees a secure and dependable connection, increasing your options for using different glassware that is appropriate. We safely and securely connect your favorite smoking or vaping accessories. With this adapter, you may upgrade your set-up and enjoy more comfort and flexibility for your smoking or vaping needs.


  • Wide-range Compatibility: This adapter makes it possible to connect and use glass parts with a 10mm male connection and those with a 14mm female connection without any issues. It increases the variety of accessories you can use with one another.
  • Amazing Glass Construction: The premium glass adapter ensures a safe and dependable connection, expanding your possibilities for using various suitable glassware. It guarantees strength and securely connects your preferred smoking or vaping accessories.
  • Protected Connection: The adapter makes a safe and dependable connection between the male and female joints possible. During usage, it creates a tight seal that stops any unwanted movement or leakage.
  • Portable and Travel-Friendly: The adapter is simple to carry and travel due to its small size and light weight. It’s a useful tool for smokers or vapers who are always on road trips.
  • Easy to Clean: It is simple to clean the glass adapter. In order to provide simple maintenance, it can be broke down and washed with warm water or cleaned using suitable glass cleaning products.


  • It offers flexibility and compatibility with various settings.
  • This flexibility enables you to experiment with various pairings and customize your smoking experience.
  • It supports keeping airtight seals in place for best performance.
  • It is designed to last, delivering enduring performance and enjoyment.
  • The adapter is simple to carry and travel due to its small size and lightweight.

How to use 10mm Male to 14mm Female Glass Adapter?

Check to see if the glass components you want to connect have a 10mm male connection and a 14mm female connection. If any accessories are already attached to the 10mm male and 14mm female joints, gently remove them by pulling or turning them apart, depending on their specific design. Align the 10mm male joint with the 10mm male glass adapter that you are using. Till it fits tightly, insert the adapter’s male end into the 10mm joint. After installing the male end of the adapter, line up the 14mm female joint of the selected glass component with the adapter’s female end. The connection is successful when there is no movement or separation of the glass components while they remain securely attached. Your glass components with various joint sizes are now comparable thanks to the 10mm Male to 14mm Female Glass Adapter. Use your personalized glass arrangement to start smoking or using a vape, as you like. Remove the adapter from the glass parts and clean them as directed by the manufacturer after each usage. The adapter and your glass attachments will last longer and function better if they are cleaned and maintained properly.


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