Humidity Indicators Card Pack

Humidity Indicator Cards 10-60 are moisture-sensitive and contain the base chemical cobalt (III) chloride. When humidity levels remain below the prescribed RH level, the card will remain blue. When humidity levels are above the prescribed RH, the chemical reacts and turns pink.

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Precision in Every Dot: Managing Humidity using Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicator Cards infused with a cobalt chloride solution change color to indicate changes in relative humidity. While they are not exact, they do show the maximum humidity in a container. For instance, if all of the dots on a 10%-60% card are unaffected, the humidity is less than 10%. A changing dot, such as 40% turning pink, indicates that the RH is in that range. To maintain proper humidity levels for moisture-sensitive products, quick action is required, either by relocating things or changing desiccant. Trust Humidity Indicator Cards for accurate humidity readings and moisture management in your storage containers.

Key Features:

  • Indicate Humidity conditions in various types of packaging
  • Allow instant visual verification of product integrity
  • Often used in conjunction with a desiccant
  • Approved for MIL-l-8835
  • Low Cost
  • Spots turn from Blue to Pink to indicate humidity levels

How To Use It?

It is simple to use Humidity Indicator Cards. Take the following steps:

  1. Placement: Insert the Humidity Indicator Card into the storage container with the items that need to be protected.
  2. Observation: Keep track of how the color of the dots changes over time.
  3. Interpretation: If all of the dots remain unaltered, the humidity is lower than the minimum specified threshold. A shifting dot, such as 40% turning pink, shows that the humidity level is within that range.
  4. Action: Take immediate action if the humidity level surpasses permissible values. Consider moving items or changing desiccants to maintain proper humidity levels.
  5. Checks on a regular basis: Check the Humidity Indicator Card on a regular basis to ensure continuous protection.

You can simply regulate and maintain the ideal humidity levels for your stored items by utilizing Humidity Indicator Cards, assuring their durability and quality.

What’s Included:

10 x Humidity Indicators Card Per Pack


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