Ongrok Vacuum Pump Jar – 800ML

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Quality glass storage jar constructed of borosilicate frosted glass with a vacuum pump and airtight cover to preserve and safely store your items.



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Vaccum Pump Jar
This item: Ongrok Vacuum Pump Jar - 800ML

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3,799.00 Inc GST
3,799.00 Inc GST
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Vacuum Pump Jar

Vacuum Pump Technology – To keep contents fresher for longer, this glass storage jar employs vacuum pump seal technology. To maintain the scent, taste, and aroma of its contents, use an airtight jar. These jars are ideal for curing and long-term storage of your dry herb . Every 5-7 days, reactivate the hoover seal. Ideal for up to 2 oz.
UV Resistant Frosted Grey coating – Made of premium borosilicate glass, with a UV resistant coating that protects herbs/spices/coffee from damaging light to avoid degradation. It keeps its contents fresher for longer.
Color-Coded Non-Slip Silicone Base – Each sealed jar comes with three color-coded silicone bases. To avoid sliding, each base includes five embossed feet. Prevents breaking and is suitable for use on hard surfaces. You can stay organised by using a color-coding system.

  • ONGROK’s borosilicate frosted-glass jar is meant to protect the product from drying out and blocks practically all visible light, except UVA and infrared.
  • VACUUM PUMP LID  These glass storage containers are ideal for storing tea or food and organising your kitchen! Each jar includes an airtight vacuum pump cover that locks in odour while also preserving freshness, flavour, and scent.
  • COLOR-CODED SILICONE BASE Three color-coded bases and chalkboard stickers for labelling are included. These one-of-a-kind glass storage jars make it simple to organise spices, snacks, and other goods while keeping them separated so you can quickly identify what’s inside!


  • Frosted glass for UV Resistant storage
  • 400-1200ml for storage of up to 30-95 grams of material
  • Includes: 3 color-coded bases for easy organization





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