Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaner Caps

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Ooze Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner Caps make cleaning your glass items easy and mess-free. The glass cleaning caps are available in four distinct sizes, with diameters of 14mm, 33mm, 45mm, and 72mm

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Glass Cleaner
This item: Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaner Caps

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1,599.00 Inc GST

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Glass Cleaner Caps

Cleaning your glassware or Vaporizers can be dirty and stinky, but it will be a snap using Ooze Resolution gel glass cleanser and caps. You just need a small bit of our Res glass cleansers, and the Resolution glass caps keep the scent and unclean cleaning solution in. The Ooze Resolution caps allow you to shake your glass piece with two hands, preventing droplets and preventing dirty cleaning solution from getting all over you and the surrounding surfaces.

Ooze Resolution glass cleaner caps serve multiple functions. Use them while you’re on the run or trying to keep your pastime quiet. Glass is brittle and readily breaks when moved. Put your Ooze Resolution caps on your glass to protect it from dings and cracks. Do you want to leave the house with your glass piece filled with water? Great! Resolution has your back. Simply fill up and use our glass caps to keep the water and unpleasant odours of a dirty piece at bay.

No glass piece is too large or too little for our Ooze Resolution gel glass cleaning caps! Our glass cleaning caps are composed entirely of silicone. They may be stretched over any size opening for a tight fit and no leaks. The better the fit, the tighter the fit. Because of the silicone substance, they are adaptable to all sizes of glass. Purchase all four sizes to ensure the best cleaning experience for all of your glass objects.

How to Use

As frequent users, we know how quickly glass pieces may become dirty, especially with extensive use. Ooze Resolution is here to make the cleaning process as quick and painless as possible. Pour your Resolution gel glass cleaner into your filthy glass item. Next, stretch the proper size glass cap over the apertures. Shake and rinse to make cleaning quick and easy! For a long-lasting product, clean your silicone resolution caps with soap and water and let them air dry.



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