Piranha 2 Piece 3.5″ Herb Grinder (Copy)

The 2 piece herb grinder is ideal if you want a no-fuss grinding option that fits easily in a bag or pocket (ideal for travelling or concerts!). These grinders are simple to use and have robust teeth and strong magnets.


Buy Premium 2-Piece Herb Grinder:

The 3.5″ XL 2 piece herb grinder offers a clean, simple grind with no mess or trouble. It is simple, strong, and always ready to shred herbs with tenacity. This is designed for those looking for a high-quality, long-lasting herb grinder. Choose your favourite silver herb grinder and start grinding.

Piranha grinders are long-lasting smoking accessories constructed of high-quality anodized aluminium, which prevents sharp teeth from wearing down or breaking. The powerful magnets keep the grinder together even if it is dropped. They are the go-to option for value, functionality, and variety.

How To Use:

Begin by breaking your herb into smaller bits before using the Piranha 2-Piece 3.5″ Herb Grinder. Divide the grinder into two parts: the top cover and the grinder chamber. Load the herb into the chamber, reassemble, and grind by twisting the lid clockwise. Inside, the sharp teeth ensure a smooth grind. This simple 2-piece herb grinder, which is accessible online, makes the process easier. Unscrew the cover to access your freshly ground herb. With Piranha’s high-quality 2-piece grinder, you can ground herbs with ease. This ground herb is ideal for use in a dry herb vaporizer for a pleasant vaping experience.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Aluminium
  2. Convenient Design
  3. Sharp Razor Teeth
  4. Magnetic Closure

what’s in the box:

  • Piranha 2 Piece Grinder
  • Hemp Carrying Case


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