POTV Bubbler & Glass Accessory Adapter for V3 Pro (Only Adapter)

2,299.00 Inc GST

The POTV Bubbler & Glass Accessory Adapter for the V3 Pro vaporizer accessory includes a bubbler as well as a glass adapter. The bubbler adds filtration and a cooler, smoother hit to the V3 Pro, while the glass adapter lets you use different glass accessories for a more personalised vaping experience. This accessory kit improves the functionality of the V3 Pro and gives users more options for vaping sessions.



1x POTV Adapter

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POTV Bubbler & Glass Accessory Adapter
This item: POTV Bubbler & Glass Accessory Adapter for V3 Pro (Only Adapter)

In stock

2,299.00 Inc GST
2,299.00 Inc GST

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Enhance your V3 Pro with our exclusive POTV Bubbler & Glass Accessory Attachment:

Access to our entire line of mini glass bubblers, stems, and water pipe adapters is provided by our patented Accessory Attachment. You can enjoy smooth, filtered hits on the go with our Curved Mini Bubbler, or connect it to your favourite glass bubbler with the Universal Water Pipe Adapter, which is easily swappable in seconds.

Designed exclusively for the XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer:

This Accessory Attachment was created specifically for the Xmax V3 Pro. It has a built-in stir tool and is easily connected with magnetic connections. This is the item you require to take your V3 Pro to the next level.

Features of POTV Bubbler & Glass Accessory Adapter for V3 Pro:

  • Access our assortment of glass attachments
  • Compatible with Original V3 Pro
  • Built-in stir tool
  • Strong magnetic connection


1x POTV Adapter

Additional information

Choose your Glass add on:

None, Bent Glass Mouthpiece, Curved Mini Bubbler, Mini Bubbler, Waterpipe Adapter, Dimpled Glass Stem


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