Storz & Bickle Filling Pads Capsule Caddy

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The Capsule Caddy container is compact and portable, made from 100% recyclable material to protect capsules from the degradation caused by light and moisture.

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A handy Capsule Caddy, Perfect for on-the-go use.

Introducing the Capsule Caddy – a revolutionary container designed for clinical trial batches, R&D endeavors, or small manufacturing runs. It’s ideal for space-conscious environments where convenience reigns supreme, featuring a resealable lid for unparalleled ease.

This handy Dosing Capsule holder attaches to your key chain, accommodating up to four Dosing Capsules for on-the-go convenience. The Capsule Caddy is both odor-proof and waterproof, ensuring optimal protection for your capsules.

Crafted from 100% recyclable, high-density polyethylene, the Capsule Caddy ensures optimal protection against light and moisture, preserving the integrity of your capsules.

Effortlessly track each lot and contents with clear identification markers on the top and side. Available in popular sizes and colors, these caddies come pre-filled with capsules, offering varying counts depending on capsule size. Trust this Capsule Holder for secure and efficient capsule storage and organization.

Key Features:

  • Sealed container provides protection from light and moisture.
  • Tamper-evident lid and tie makes it easy to open and close.
  • Made from 100% recyclable Material.
  • Capsule Caddy is odor proof and waterproof.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 pc. Capsule Caddy
  • 4 pcs. Dosing Capsule


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