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The Crafty+ and Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel are two of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market and we’re constantly looking for new ways to customize and improve them.

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These vapes are quite large for portables, and they have sizeable bowls as well, leading to you using more flower on a per session basis than you might with other vaporizers.

In the spirit of conservation and flavor enhancement, we’re proud to offer Crafty+/Mighty+ Glass Bowl Reducers. These pure glass Reducers allow you to retain the usual performance and flavor of your device while using substantially less flower.

The set includes two Reducers that have the same overall circumference but different gauges of chamber. Essentially, you can use the one to reduce the native bowl, or the second one to reduce it even further. This ensures you will be changing out your bowls more often, resulting in fresher hits with better overall flavor.

These Reducers are easy to use, just pop them in before you fill your bowl, and they’ll come out with gravity while debowling. The Reducer will be hot after use, so be careful.

Crafty+/Mighty+ Glass Bowl Reducers dramatically cut down the flower you need per session, provide better overall effects and flavor, and keep the taste and vapour performance the devices offer. What more could you want? No, seriously, tell us, we might make it.


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