Storz & Bickel: VENTY Case

2,499.00 Inc GST

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This item: Storz & Bickel: VENTY Case

Available on backorder

2,499.00 Inc GST
2,499.00 Inc GST
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Available on backorder

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Product Description

Elevate your Venty experience with our Smell-Proof Hard Shell Travel Case, a must-have accessory for enthusiasts who prioritize convenience, portability, and device protection. This meticulously designed case ensures that your Venty and essential accessories, such as the Dosing Capsule Magazine and cleaning utensils, remain safely stowed away, ready for use wherever your vaping journey takes you.

Our Smell-Proof Hard Shell Travel Case is custom-built for your Venty, providing a secure and odor-resistant solution for on-the-go vaping. Crafted with a durable hard shell, this case guarantees optimal protection for your device, shielding it from potential impacts, scratches, and environmental elements that may compromise its performance.



  1. Optimal Device Protection: The travel case’s strong shell structure guarantees that your Venty will be well-protected while being transported. Put an end to concerns about unintentional knocks or scratches, enabling you to carry your gadget with assurance wherever your travels take you.
  2. Smell-Proof Design: With its smell-proof design, the case preserves the aroma of your vaporizer and accessories, catering to those who value discreet and private vaping experiences. This feature ensures that unwanted odors stay contained within the confines of the case.
  3. Spacious Interior: The interior of the case is meticulously designed to hold your Venty as well as necessary accessories like the Dosing Capsule Magazine and cleaning utensils. Its large layout offers organised storage, allowing you to securely transport all of your vaping supplies in one small container.
  4. Travel-Ready Convenience: Perfect for the active user, our Venty Smell-Proof Hard Shell Travel Case keeps your Venty and accessories close at hand. This case offers unmatched ease to your vaping lifestyle, whether you’re travelling, spending time outdoors, or visiting friends.


Suitable for: VENTY


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