Storz & Bickel Mighty: Seal Ring Set

1,199.00 Inc GST

Revitalize your Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer with our Seal Ring Set—engineered for airtight integrity. This comprehensive kit includes 3 Mouthpiece, 2 Filling Chamber, 3 small Base, and 3 large Base rings for an enhanced vaping experience.

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This item: Storz & Bickel Mighty: Seal Ring Set

In stock

1,199.00 Inc GST
1,199.00 Inc GST
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Product Description

With our Seal Ring Set, you can revive the performance of your Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer and wave goodbye to concerns regarding vapour leakage. Perfectly engineered, this complete set is made to preserve the device’s airtight integrity, guaranteeing smooth and enjoyable vaping experiences. Experience the Mighty Vaporizer in a refreshed manner and bid adieu to compromised vapour production.



  1. Comprehensive Protection: Our Seal Ring Set offers comprehensive protection for your Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer. It includes all the essential seal rings required to maintain the airtight integrity of your device, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Affordable Replacement Rings: When seal rings deteriorate, vapour production suffers, but the good news is that they are easy to replace. The Seal Ring Set for Storz & Bickel Mighty is an affordable solution that includes high-quality replacement rings to keep your Mighty Vaporizer running smoothly.
  3. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Quality: You may be confident that our Seal Ring Set is of the highest calibre. Since the rings are made to exact specifications just like the original components of your Mighty Vaporizer, they are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) items. This guarantees compatibility and a flawless fit for a seamless replacement.


Product Details:

Each Seal Ring Set includes the following:

  • 3 pcs. Mouthpiece Seal Ring: Ensure a tight seal for your Mighty Vaporizer’s mouthpiece, preventing any unwanted air leaks during your vaping sessions.
  • 2 pcs. Filling Chamber Seal Ring: Maintain the airtight seal of the filling chamber, contributing to optimal vapor production and overall performance.
  • 3 pcs. Base Seal Ring, small: Small but crucial, these rings contribute to the overall airtightness of the Mighty Vaporizer’s base, preventing any potential leaks.
  • 3 pcs. Base Seal Ring, large: The larger base seal rings play a key role in ensuring the stability and integrity of the Mighty Vaporizer’s base, contributing to a seamless vaping experience.


How to Use:

  1. Mouthpiece Seal Ring:
    • Remove the existing mouthpiece seal ring.
    • Place the new seal ring securely in the designated slot.
  2. Filling Chamber Seal Ring:
    • Carefully remove the old filling chamber seal ring.
    • Install the new seal ring in the filling chamber to ensure an airtight seal.
  3. Base Seal Rings (small and large):
    • Replace the small and large base seal rings by removing the old ones and securely fitting the new rings in their respective positions.


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