Tinymight Rimless Basket Screen

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Tinymight Basket Screen can be used instead of the Tinymight Cooling Unit. They are commonly used in Tinymight adapters.

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Tinymight Basket Screen
This item: Tinymight Rimless Basket Screen

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299.00 Inc GST
299.00 Inc GST
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Elevate Your Tinymight Performance with Rimmed Basket Screens

Rimmed Basket Screens serve a dual purpose by replacing a cooling unit, and simultaneously, they are purpose-built to perfectly fit the Tinymight 3D cooling stem, enhancing the overall vaping experience. Furthermore, these screens are expertly designed to snugly and precisely integrate with the Tinymight, elevating the entire vaping experience. Moreover, these custom-designed Rimmed Basket Screens are the best solution for optimizing cooling or streamlining your Tinymight setup, assuring a seamless and efficient fit, all while maintaining the performance you expect from your Tinymight vaporizer.

How To Use It?

To efficiently utilize the Tinymight Basket Screen, begin by gathering your equipment, which should include the Tinymight vaporizer and the Rimless Basket Screen. For uniform vaporization, prepare your dry herb vaporizer with a medium-fine grind. Place the Rimless Basket Screen in the heating chamber of the vaporizer and fill it with the ground herb, being careful not to overfill for adequate airflow. Turn on the vaporizer, adjust the temperature to your liking, and take slow, controlled draws from the mouthpiece. Monitor and fine-tune the temperature settings to your liking. Clean the Rimless Basket Screen after each usage to prevent residue buildup. For a more personalized vaping experience, experiment with grind size, temperature, and draw speed. Always observe the Tinymight vaporizer’s manufacturer’s safety precautions.


1 x Tinymight Rimless Basket Screen


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