Silicone Master Adapter

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The Master Adapter fits almost all vaporizers to any water tool with a female joint. The adapter itself is two separate individual accessories that perfectly fit together.

silicon adapter
This item: Silicone Master Adapter
899.00 Inc GST
899.00 Inc GST
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The smaller piece goes neatly within the larger piece so it’s all one very convenient package less than 1.5″ tall. The smaller adapter has a gradual inner taper for more narrow round tips, while the larger adapter has distinct cutouts for specific vapes. Together, they fit your bong to any cartridge and all DynaVap stems and bodies. They also adapt for the Arizer Solo 2, Air 2 and ArGo, the Flowermate V-5 Nano, the DaVinci IQ, the RBT Splinters, the E-Nano… Pretty much any vape with a round mouthpiece works with this accessory thanks to its innovative design and silicone flexibility. The Master Adapter covers more vapes than any other adapter on the market.

Key Features:
– 100% silicone, durable and shape-able
– For 10mm, 14mm and 18mm female joints
– Works with more vapes than any other adapter
– Most affordable way to adapt most of the vapes for water use

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