Vapman Mouthpiece – P.O.M. Black

The Vapman Mouthpiece – P.O.M. Black will improve your vaping experience. It is made of robust P.O.M. material and has a break-resistant sophistication. This elegant accessory offers a smooth and worry-free performance, giving both style and durability for your Vapman vaporizer.

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Durable Excellence: Vapman Mouthpiece P.O.M. Black

The Vapman Mouthpiece P.O.M. Black is made of excellent P.O.M. (Polyoxymethylene), which is widely regarded as one of the best plastics available. This mouthpiece provides a break-resistant vaping accessory by combining glass-like qualities with unrivaled durability. Cleaning becomes a snap because of its resistance to temperatures of up to 120 degrees and a variety of solutions. It provides plastic skeptics with a worry-free experience by combining both robustness and usefulness. Vapman Mouthpiece P.O.M. Black is a sleek and resilient accessory that assures a smooth and durable performance, offering you peace of mind and an increased vaping experience.

How To Use Mouthpiece P.O.M. Black?

  1. Attachment: Gently connect the P.O.M. Black Mouthpiece to your Vapman vaporizer.
  2. Secure Fit: Ensure a secure fit and that the mouthpiece is appropriately aligned with the vaporizer’s stem.
  3. Normal Operation: The Vapman operates normally when the marks on the mouthpiece are flush with the air openings.
  4. Airflow regulation: To customize your airflow, turn the mouthpiece slightly while inhaling, allowing you to regulate the air hole closing.
  5. Experiment: Adjust the mouthpiece to discover the best setting for you, balancing draught resistance and vapor density.

You may fully enjoy the features and capabilities of the Vapman Mouthpiece P.O.M. Black by following these steps, providing a smooth and personalized vaping experience.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality P.O.M. (Polyoxymethylene), which is known for its outstanding durability and glass-like properties.
  • Break-Resistant: Provides a durable and break-resistant vaping attachment, allowing for greater lifespan and worry-free use.
  • Temperature Resilient: Withstands temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring durability even in extreme heat.
  • Simple to Clean: The P.O.M. material is easy to clean, making upkeep a simple and convenient process.
  • Sleek Design: The Vapman Mouthpiece’s black color lends a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance of your vaping experience.

What’s in the box –

  • 1x Mouthpiece P.O.M. Black


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