XLUX Roffu Blue Aromatherapy Device

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The XLUX ROFFU is a powerful and small portable herb vaporizer that offers superior vapor results and flavor. The flavor offered by the XLUX ROFFU Blue Vaporizer is a delicious pleasure that must be tasted to be believed. For your herb chamber, you have two choices, the regular Glass chamber or the extra Stainless Steel chamber.

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XLux Roffu Blue Convection Aromatherapy Device
This item: XLUX Roffu Blue Aromatherapy Device

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14,999.00 Inc GST
14,999.00 Inc GST
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XLUX Series ROFFU Smart Convection Vaporizer

A strong and portable herb vaporizer with exceptional vapor output and flavor is the XLUX Roffu Blue Vaporizer. The Roffu, which is produced by the same company as the V3 Pro, uses dependable, tried-and-true technology that has been upgraded for noticeably better performance in terms of flavor, vapor production, and airflow. For your herb chamber, you have two choices, the standard Glass chamber or the extra Stainless Steel chamber. With good efficiency, the supplied glass chamber produces vapor that is smoother and tastier, both chambers have a capacity of about 0.15g.

Choosing an option Faster extractions, bigger clouds, and a more even chamber cook are all benefits of stainless steel chambers, which are also quite common in portables. Only the very top next to the screen will remain lighter than the rest. When utilizing, there is a minor trade-off in flavor and vapor smoothness, but it does allow for complete extractions at somewhat lower temperatures and has grown to be our preferred method for this vape.

The XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer offers substantially superior vapor cooling than the majority of the competitors because to a Zirconia cooling spiral located inside the top part that produces warm, not hot vapor and enables the use of many Roffus simultaneously with just brief cooling breaks in between. In addition, the airflow is significantly more unrestricted than many of the alternatives, enabling quicker extractions and superior flavor.

Dosing caps are not meant for but are compatible with them. The Dosing Caps used by the XMAX V3 Pro and the XLUX Roffu are identical. The sole drawback of this vaporizer is that when dosing caps are inserted inside, they force the top piece to sit at a very tiny angle. This is due to the enhanced airflow and design of the vaporizer, which makes it incredibly effective with dosing caps. This has no impact on performance because a complete seal is still established, but we’re highlighting it nevertheless because it could annoy some people. Due to the size of the herb chamber, the XLUX Roffu comes with a removable cleaning tool that is perfect for emptying it. If you want to complete your bowl as efficiently as possible, it is preferable to raise the temperature a little and do so.

Key Features-

  1. Modern convection technology
  2. Smart waste-free efficiency
  3. Strong and Thin Body
  4. OLED Screen display
  5. Easy access ceramic top with magnets
  6. Fast heat-up time
  7. Double-use modes (Session & On-demand)
  8. USB-C Charging
  9. Large, colourful 0.96 illumi-display

Technical Specifications –

  1. 0.15g max capacity
  2. Convection based vaporizer
  3. Built in Zirconia cooling
  4. Zirconia Mouthpiece
  5. Small & Portable
  6. Colour display
  7. Removable 18650 Battery (2600mAh) – Approx 10 sessions
  8. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  9. Approx 170 Grams with battery installed
  10. Approx 40mm (Wide) x 150mm (Tall) x 25mm (Deep)

What’s in the box –

  1. XLUX Roffu with battery installed
  2. Cleaning brush
  3. Cleaning wipes
  4. USB-C charging cable
  5. Screens
  6. O-Rings

Warranty –

All products come with a 1-year warranty backed by Giggle Grass.


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