XMax Qomo Quartz Coil

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The XMax Qomo Quartz Coil is an improvement for the Qomo since quartz is popular for its improved flavor when dabbing. A coil is inlaid beneath the ultra-smooth quartz surface, providing superior flavor and clouds that are somewhat smaller than the ceramic alternative.

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XMax Qomo Quartz Coil
This item: XMax Qomo Quartz Coil

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1,199.00 Inc GST
1,199.00 Inc GST
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Enjoy Smooth Hits with XMax Qomo Quartz Coil

The XMax Qomo Quartz Coil are available in both ceramic and quartz varieties. The XMAX QOMO Replacement Heating Coil is an approved XMAX Qomo replacement part that is the same as the original XMAX Qomo coil that came with your device.

Which coil to use is a matter of personal preference. The XMax Qomo Ceramic Coil heats up somewhat slower but retains heat for a longer period of time. Ceramic also absorbs more and is ideal for thinner concentrates. This coil heats up faster but loses heat more quickly.

The XMAX Qomo Heating Coil is the perfect replacement for the Xmax Qomo E-Rig. With the Qomo Quartz Coil construction, it is easier to clean than the ceramic one and will guarantee
a clean, flavorful, and smooth vapor every time.

Key Features-

  1. The heating element is completely incorporated into the glass.
  2. Better taste than ceramic disc coil
  3. It takes longer to heat than ceramic, allowing for lower-temperature dabs.
  4. It is simple to clean with a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

Technical Specifications –

  • 1 x Heater Coil
  • Qomo Compatible
  • Ceramic or Quartz Heaters

What’s in the box –

  • 1 x XMax Qomo Quartz Coil

Warranty –

This product come with a 15 days warranty backed by Giggle Grass.


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