XMax V3 Pro – Metal Screen

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If you want an extra or need to replace the one that came with your device, get this Metal Screen for your XMax V3 Pro. It will fit wonderfully and is just like what you first received.

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XMax V3 Pro - Metal Screen
This item: XMax V3 Pro - Metal Screen

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349.00 Inc GST
349.00 Inc GST
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XMax V3 Pro – Metal Screen

When using an XMAX V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer, the V3 Pro Metal Screen works as a filter to prevent any dry herb material from entering the vapour route or your mouth. The replacement screens for the XMAX V3 Pro Metals Screens fit at the base of the V3 Pro Mouthpiece and are original factory parts, ensuring a precise fit.

How to use V3 Pro – Metal Screen

Place the metal screens for the XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer in the appropriate screen holder or chamber to use them. To completely cover the chamber and keep any loose particles from escaping, it may be necessary to use multiple screens, depending on the size of the screen and the amount of material being vaporized.

How to Clean It:

To ensure adequate airflow and vaporization, the metal screens must be cleaned frequently. To accomplish this, immerse the screens in isopropyl alcohol for a short while, thoroughly rinse them with water, and then let them air dry. For a brand-new vaping experience, some users instead favour replacing the displays entirely.


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