Silver Gradient XMAX V3 Pro On-Demand Convection Aromatherapy Device

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The Silver Gradient XMAX V3 Pro is a dry herb and wax convection pen-style vaporizer.It uses the cutting-edge convection heating technique as its primary technology to bake the ingredients, which can not only give users a purer and cleaner taste but also save more materials.

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Silver Gradient XMAX V3 Pro On-Demand Convection Vaporizer

A vaporizer that offers a premium vaping experience is the Silver Gradient XMAX V3 Pro On-Demand Convection Vaporizer. It is svelte and fashionable. Making the most of your dry herb or wax concentrate, this vaporizer uses convection heating technology to produce clean, pure vapor with little waste.

With the on-demand feature, your vaping session can begin right away because it heats up quickly. The device’s one-button control and OLED display screen make it user-friendly and simple to use.

Several accessories, including a concentrated cup and a dry herb chamber, are included with the Silver Gradient XMAX V3 Pro. In order to create a more individualized vaping experience, you can adjust the device’s temperature to suit your preferences.

This offers superior vaping performance in addition to being simple to clean and maintain, ensuring hassle-free use over time. Overall, this vaporizer is a top-tier product that offers exceptional performance and style. This is undoubtedly a premium vaporizer that you should take into consideration.

Benefits of Silver Gradient XMAX V3 Pro:

  • Efficient and flavorful vapor with minimal waste
  • Heating on demand for quick and easy use
  • Long-lasting battery life for longer sessions
  • Easy-to-use controls and an OLED display
  • Various dry herb and wax concentrate attachments
  • Long-term durability and dependability
  • Temperature control for a more personalized vaping experience
  • Simple to clean and maintain for trouble-free use.

Specifications :

  • Brand- Topgreen
  • Model – XMAX V3 PRO
  • XMAX V3 PRO – 18650 3.7V 2550mah
  • Charger/ Output Voltage – 5.0V/ 1 A
  • Charging – Type-c charging
  • On/ Off – Click the power button 3 times consecutively
  • Session Mode Time – 4 minutes and 6 minutes optional
  • Heating Chamber – Stainless steel
  • Screen – Large OLED
  • Temperature Range – 100℃-220℃(212℉-428℉)
  • ON-DEMAND – Available
  • Isolated Airpath – Yes


A one-year warranty is included with the Product. As one of the leading retailers of dry herb vapes, vaporizers sold at Giggle Grass are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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