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Angus Halogen Vaporizer By YLL VAPE
This item: Angus By YLLVAPE

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Product Features:

Halogen Heating Technology (light is concealed during operation for discreetness)
Variable Temp Control (Five Settings)
Powered by two 18650 batteries (not included)
Bulb is NOT user replaceable but rated for 2000 hours. In the event warranty work is required on the bulb, it may be returned to VGoodiEZ for service. You don’t have a paperweight just because the bulb dies!
Single Button Operation
5 Temp Settings (180C/356F, 190C/375F, 200C/395F. 210C/410F, 220C/428F). Also offers boost mode in each setting. Simply hold the button. The unit will vibrate once when it boosts 10 degrees Celsius while you maintain holding the button.
Weight is 11.8 ounces with two 18650 batteries installed. For reference, the Mighty weighs 8.4. The Angus weight comes from the additional wood and stainless steel used in construction whereas the Mighty is all plastic.
Depending on your usage/temp setting and the batteries you use, you should expect in the ballpark of 9-10 sessions before the two 18650 batteries are depleted.

Rough dimensions: Height-5 inches, Width-3 Inches, Thickness-1.25 inches
Includes brush and two stainless steel loading capsules.
Includes Carrying Case

1 Year Manufacturers warranty


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