Dynavap : YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater with 2x Molicel P28A – Black

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The YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater is a powerful addition for DynaVap vaporizers. It provides quick, accurate heating, increasing your vaping experience with efficiency and comfort.

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YLL Induction Heater
This item: Dynavap : YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater with 2x Molicel P28A - Black

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9,999.00 Inc GST
9,999.00 Inc GST
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YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater for DynaVap

The YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater will enhance your DynaVap sessions. This strong attachment, created to improve your vaping experience, focuses on simplicity and speed. The YLL IH 2.0 provides quick, accurate, and consistent heating for your DynaVap vaporizer, reducing the need for manual torch heating.

The best way to heat your DynaVap without using a torch is with the YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater for DynaVap. Many of the functions on this small and portable gadget are meant to improve your vaping experience. Both beginner and experienced vapers will find it ideal due to its small size and user-friendly interface.

Features of YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater:

  • Variable Power/Wattage (30W, 35W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 55W, 60W)
  • Adjustable Heating Profile
  • Boost Mode
  • Timer
  • Two Replaceable 18650 Batteries (Not Included)

Technical Specification of YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater:

  • Wattage range – 30-70W
  • Temperature Range – 100-230C (212F – 446F)
  • Maximum current – 8 Amps
  • Charger Type – USB-C
  • Size – 109 x 63 x 24mm
  • Weight – 220 grams
  • Battery – 3000mah
  • Charging Time –  50 minutes

How To Use?

Fill your DynaVap vaporizer with a material of your choice. Gently place your loaded DynaVap within the YLL IH 2.0’s chamber. To start the heating process on the YLL IH 2.0, press the power button. The induction heater will deliver constant adjustable heat. The DynaVap makes a distinctive “pop” sound when it heats up. This shows that the material is prepared for vaporization. Use the DynaVap to breathe normally. The even heating provided by the YLL IH 2.0 produces tasty and enjoyable vapor. Remove the DynaVap and let it cool after finishing. Your next session can begin anytime you want with the YLL IH 2.0.

Warranty –

All products come with a 6 months warranty backed by Giggle Grass.

1 review for Dynavap : YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater with 2x Molicel P28A – Black

  1. Navin

    I purchased Orion and then the seller recommended to try this instead. Man oh man! This thing is bonkers!!!!
    Feels like the iphone, premium and solid. Been using this for a week and it still has charge left.(I’m a moderate user). I would definitely recommend this!

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