Dablamp Dual-Use Version Flower and Concentrates

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Tired of having separate equipment for dry herbs and concentrates? Take a look at the Dablamp! This revolutionary induction e-rig combines the best of both worlds by allowing you to switch between dry herbs and concentrates with ease.

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This item: Dablamp Dual-Use Version Flower and Concentrates

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17,999.00 Inc GST
17,999.00 Inc GST
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The Dablamp is the Ultimate Dual-Purpose E-Rig

Users who desire variety and efficiency may find the option to switch fluidly between dry herbs and concentrates in a single device useful. The Dablamp attempts to eliminate the need for separate devices by merging both functions, providing users with a more streamlined experience.


  • Induction Heating Technology – Heats up quickly and evenly.
  • GR2 Titanium herb chamber.
  • Unlocks the best flavors from concentrates, wax or rosin.
  • 4200mAh long-lasting batteries.
  • Easy to use with 2 heating modes – Automatic Heating Mode and Manual Heating Mode.
  • Safe with temperature cut off protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection.
  • Portable, fast and easy to use.

How to Use Dablamp

  1. Attach the herb attachment to the Dablamp and ensure that it is securely in position.
  2. Select your chosen heating mode: smart or manual.
  3. As soon as you see vapour, start drawing softly through the mouthpiece.
  4. To make a strong delectable hit in manual mode, hold down the button for 20-35 seconds and begin drawing at the 20-second mark.
  5. Start drawing at the 10-15 second point for a thick cloud full of flavour on the second hit.
  6. At the 8-second mark, the third draw begins, producing another huge cloud, expending the chamber, and leaving the ABV dark. Anything beyond that risked igniting.
  7. The first session in automated heating mode offers a strong delectable hit, while the second session provides a better hit until halfway, then approaches combustion.
  8. It is advisable to end the second auto mode session manually at the midway point or to use manual (on-demand) mode.
    Select the best temperature setting for your needs.
  9. To prevent charring, use the lowest setting (blue) for two sessions with a cool down in between.
  10. The middle setting (green) is a little too high and can cause charring.

Package Contents:

Each Dablamp kit includes all of the necessary supplies. Particularly popular is the dry herb attachment! And it costs money, but we don’t mind. We’ll put everything in the kit simply for the best dab of your life!

  • 1 x Dablamp Portable Vape Rig
  • 1 x Glass Attachment
  • 1 x Glass Top
  • 1 x Glass Bubble Cap
  • 1 x Titanium Bucket
  • 2 x Quartz Bucket
  • 1 x Dry Herb Attachment (Titanium)
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Portable Carrying Case


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