Dagger – 14MM Water Pipe

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The night is dark and full of terror, and all you’ve got is your Dagger. Luckily, it’s all you need! The Sneaky Pete Dagger is one of our best glass water pipes that brings tons of cooling to your mobile rigs. Measuring at 6” tall and with a 14mm female joint, it’s smaller in height compared to our Sceptre, but has a much wider diameter to hold more water for significant cooling.This water pipe features an intelligent design with an angled mouthpiece, four-slit percolator, and internal baffling. Airflow is maximized while keeping the water secure and out of your mouth, even when you’re pulling hard.

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Dagger - 14MM Water Pipe
This item: Dagger - 14MM Water Pipe

In stock

2,499.00 Inc GST
2,499.00 Inc GST
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We’re confident this is one of the best portable water cooling pieces available, and are super proud to offer the Dagger at an affordable price. It’s built for 14mm male vaporizers or can be adapted universally with the Master Adapter. Add a Dagger to your arsenal today for portable, high-performance water cooling.


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