Arizer Solo/Solo 2 Bubblemax Glass Bubbler

2,499.00 Inc GST

If the Arizer Air 2 or Solo 2 are part of your vape game, well, here’s a game changer! The BubbleMax gives you the cooling of a large water piece in a compact package, delivering cool hits through your Arizer vape.

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Bubblemax Glass Bubbler
This item: Arizer Solo/Solo 2 Bubblemax Glass Bubbler

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2,499.00 Inc GST
2,499.00 Inc GST
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Arizer Solo/Solo 2 Bubblemax:

The difference in performance after adding the BubbleMax is dramatic while maintaining the discrete and portable attributes of Arizer vapes. Standing 6″ tall with a tube percolator boasting 4 slits for additional bubbling, the BubbleMax gives you an easy draw from a mouthpiece canted to a comfortable position, all through pure glass, tip to tip. We designed and built both variants of the BubbleMax here at Sneaky Pete Vaporizers to fit perfectly with the Multi-Stand, and it’s an addition we’re thrilled to share with you. Get the cooling you’d expect from a stand-alone water piece and change your game. Get the BubbleMax, it’s cool.

Key Features of Arizer BubbleMax:

  • Compatible with the Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2
  • Numerous slits on the percolator provide cooler temperature hits
  • Ultimate purity from all glass production with a permanent filter
  • Portable and discrete, but highly effective
  • Designed to be a significant improvement over the stock experience
  • Never leave a water piece unattended on your vape, remove the water piece between uses


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