SNB Mighty/Mighty+ Bubbler XXL

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Mighty Bubbler XL
This item: SNB Mighty/Mighty+ Bubbler XXL

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2,199.00 Inc GST
2,199.00 Inc GST
Curved Bubbler for Dynavap
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DynaVap The BB9 Grey Midsection
1 × DynaVap The BB9: Grey Midsection

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Dynavap 3-in-1 WPA - 75mm
1 × Dynavap 3-in-1 WPA - 75mm

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Dagger - 14MM Water Pipe
1 × Dagger - 14MM Water Pipe

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The extra-large bubbler can hold more than enough water for the best filtering in its class. The Mighty Bubbler XXL is constructed of high-quality, heat-resistant glass and is designed to work well with the Mighty and Crafty models.

Mighty Bubbler XXL is approximately 16cm long.

These bubblers cool the vapor from your dry herb vaporizer allowing you to enjoy a very smooth cool vapor even when your vaporizer is at the maximum temperature.

These bubblers are compatible with the Mighty, Crafty, Mighty Plus, and Crafty Plus.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting out, these bubblers will not disappoint. Order yours today and propel your Mighty to new heights!


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