Ongrok Vacuum Pump Jar (400 ml)

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The Giggle Grass Vacuum Pump Jars are premium storage containers constructed of borosilicate frosted glass. The jar has an airtight vacuum pump cover that keeps out odors and preserves flavor, freshness, and scent. The herb jar 400ml capacity offers enough of space to keep herbs fresh and can carry 30-95 grams.

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Ongrok Vacuum Pump Jar (400 ml)
This item: Ongrok Vacuum Pump Jar (400 ml)

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2,999.00 Inc GST
2,999.00 Inc GST
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Vacuum Pump Jar

The borosilicate frosted-glass jar from Giggle Grass has been designed to prevent product drying out and blocks nearly all visible light, with the exception of UVA and infrared. The Vacuum Pump Jar glass storage containers are ideal for organizing the kitchen and storing food or tea. Each jar has an airtight vacuum pump cover that traps odors and keeps food fresh, flavorful, and aromatic.

Three color-coded bases are included, along with chalkboard stickers for labeling. With the help of these unusual glass storage jars, you can quickly arrange spices, snacks, and more while keeping everything separated so you can see what’s inside with ease. Each herb jar has a big capacity of 30-95 grams, which is more than enough room to keep herbs and other food products fresh.

Key Features –

  • Size: 400 ml
  • Frosted glass for storage that is UV-resistant.
  • Storage capacity of herbs upto 30-95 grams.
  • Includes 3 bases with different colors for simple organization.

What’s in the box –

  1.  Vacuum Pump Jar



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