Peaker Recycler for Puffco Peak / Peak Pro

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Utilize our Peaker Recycler to elevate Puffco Peak Pro. Smoother draws and improved water filtering are felt. Improve your vaping experience.

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puffco recycler
This item: Peaker Recycler for Puffco Peak / Peak Pro

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4,999.00 Inc GST
4,999.00 Inc GST
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The modern PEAKER RECYCLER FOR PUFFCO PEAK PRO will enhance your vaping experience. This attachment, created to improve every session, combines water filtration and recycling to deliver hits that are cooler, softer, and cleaner. Peaker Recycler offers seamless connection and easy installation, making it the ideal match for Puffco Peak Pro. Each draw is precisely filtered thanks to the innovative water diffusion mechanism, producing tasty and strong vapor. With the Peaker Recycler, you can enhance your Puffco Peak Pro and get a genuinely increased experience.


  • Better Filtration
  • Improved Recycling
  • Durable Design
  • Greater Cooling
  • Easy Maintenance

How To Use?

Check and charge your Puffco Peak Pro. Water and concentrates should be prepared. Put the Peaker Recycler on your Puffco Peak Pro device gently. Assure a tight fit. Fill the recycler’s water chamber with water. Do not overfill. As instructed by your Puffco Peak Pro, turn it on. Put your favorite concentration in the chamber of the device. Select the temperature you want, then wait for the device to warm up. As you breathe in, observe how the water in the recycler circulates, cooling and purifying the vapor. After your session, turn the gadget off and give it some time to cool.

Warranty :

All products come with a 1-year warranty backed by Giggle Grass. We handle warranty claims for other items’ warranties supplied by the brand.


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