Extended Reach Spinner Carb Cap

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The Extended Reach Spinner Carb Cap will improve your DynaVap experience. This cutting-edge tool, often referred to as a spinner carb cap or a spinner cap, improves airflow and heat distribution to guarantee complete vaporization. Enjoy effective sessions and exact control with this great DynaVap upgrade.

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This item: Extended Reach Spinner Carb Cap

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Extended Reach Spinner Carb Cap

The Extended Reach Spinner Carb Cap is the perfect addition to your DynaVap. This device, sometimes known as a spinning carb cap or spinner caps, transforms the vaping experience. Due to the combination of the angle at which the air exits the spinning carb cap and the height/width of the insert, they produce a setting that is almost ideal. The longer stem makes handling easier and reduces the chance of accidental burns while improving airflow control. You can easily change the airflow thanks to the fine control provided by the extended reach design. With this amazing spinner caps, you may improve your sessions while always getting effective and tasty vapor.

Key Features :

  • Maximum Control of Airflow
  • Improved Range
  • Effective Vaporization
  • Greater Flavor
  • Compatibility
  • Long-Lasting Design
  • Simple to Use
  • Great Vaping Experience

Technical Specification :

  • Borosilicate glass.
  • Single air intake hole.
  • 26.5mm wide (fits our 30mm bangers due to their wall thickness)
  • 13mm long spiral spinner tube.

How To Use?

Fill your vaporizer with a material of your choice. Start heating up your vaporizer as usual. After your vaporizer has heated up, cover the heating bowl or chamber with the Extended Reach Spinner Carb Cap. Use the carb cap’s spinner to gently turn it. Spreading the heat, enables effective vaporization. Start inhaling slowly through the vaporizer’s mouthpiece as you keep moving the carb cap. The regulated airflow and spinning mechanism will produce a tasty and enjoyable inhale. Select your preferred speed of rotation and airflow by testing with these settings. Put the carb cap back on carefully after the session. Before putting it away for your next session, let it cool.

Warranty :

All products come with a 1-year warranty backed by Giggle Grass. We handle warranty claims for other items’ warranties supplied by the brand.


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