XLUX Roffu Funnel

249.00 Inc GST

The XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer filling Funnels are made of plastic and enable for easy, mess-free, even filling of the Roffu. Simply insert the Roffu Funnel over your herb chamber and fill it with ground herb, then lightly tamp it down to ensure the chamber is uniformly full.

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XLux Roffu Funnel
This item: XLUX Roffu Funnel

In stock

249.00 Inc GST
249.00 Inc GST
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XLux Roffu Funnel: The Ideal Vaping Accessory for You

The XLux Roffu Funnel is a compact, plastic funnel intended to make loading the XLUX Roffu vaporizer easier and less messy. It fits snuggly over the top of the chamber, allowing you to pour your ground material into it without making a mess.

The funnel is composed of high-quality plastic and is extremely long-lasting. Simply slip the funnel over the top of the chamber and pour your ground material into it to use. The funnel will assist in guiding the material into the chamber without creating a sloppy mess.

The Roffu Funnel is an excellent addition to any XLUX Roffu vaporizer. It comprises high-quality plastic and snugly fits over the chamber. It is also small and compact, making it simple to keep and transport alongside your vaporizer.

Key Features-

  1. High-quality plastic: The funnel is composed of high-quality plastic that is durable and can survive continuous use.
  2. Small and compact: Because the funnel is small and compact, it is simple to store and transport with your vaporizer.
  3. Fits snugly over the chamber: Because the funnel fits securely over the chamber, no material spills out.
  4. Simple to use: Place the funnel over the chamber and pour your ground material into it.

Technical Specifications –

  1. Heat Resistant Plastic Loading Funnel
  2. Compatible with the XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer

What’s in the box –

  • 1 x XLux Roffu Funnel

Warranty –

All products come with a 1-year warranty backed by Giggle Grass.


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