Tank Mini Bong – 8 Inch

17,999.00 Inc GST

Tank Mini–8 Inch is similar to the Original Tank Beaker but now in a more portable version for smokers on the go. This Tank Mini Glass Beaker Bong will last you years because it was made to be functional and durable. includes a complimentary bowl and a miniature downstem. With purchasing, a lifetime tank warranty is included.

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TANK Mini 8 Inch
This item: Tank Mini Bong - 8 Inch

In stock

17,999.00 Inc GST
17,999.00 Inc GST
2,799.00 Inc GST
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  • American Blown 9mm Reinforced Glass
  • Ring Ice-Catcher
  • Uber Thick Tank Joint
  • 8 Inches Tall
  • FREE 14mm Tank Bowl
  • FREE Mini Glass Downstem

Bag not Included


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