Titanium Whip Adpter/Mighty Adapter

4,999.00 Inc GST

Attaches to 1/4″ inside diameter silicone tubing.

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This item: Titanium Whip Adpter/Mighty Adapter

In stock

4,999.00 Inc GST
4,999.00 Inc GST
Straight Mouthpiece Cooling Mouthpiece for Mighty / Crafty
299.00 Inc GST
Air Filter 2 pieces
899.00 Inc GST
Straight Mouthpiece Cooling Mouthpiece for Mighty / Crafty
1,299.00 Inc GST
Mighty+ Titanium Mouthpiece
1,699.00 Inc GST
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Mighty Titanium Adapter

The Mighty to DynaVap Adapter enables the use of any DynaVap stem as a mouthpiece for the The Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer! Simply remove the Mighty Mouthpiece and replace it with this adapter, then screw on your fave DynaVap stem!

Simply said, it repurposes your old stems into mouthpieces or gives them a second job when they would otherwise be sitting around waiting for your DynaVap to be used! There’s no need for expensive parts here; just a basic adaptor!


  • Mighty to DynaVap Adapter
  • SS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Nitrile O-rings
  • Mighty and Mighty Plus compatible
  • Crafty Compatible
  • DynaVap Stem Compatible


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