XLUX Roffu Airflow Box

1,699.00 Inc GST

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XLUX Roffu Airflow Box
This item: XLUX Roffu Airflow Box

In stock (can be backordered)

1,699.00 Inc GST
1,699.00 Inc GST
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Experience Purity and Comfort with XLUX Roffu Airflow Box

The XLux Roffu AirFlow Box is a two-piece system that features a silicon housing for the Zirconia ceramic cooling spiral, which installs and detaches from the Mouthpiece assembly. Get a spare so you can have one soaking and one ready to go. To ensure long-term vitality, avoid soaking the silicon in the solvent.

This XVAPE Roffu Airflow Box is a genuine XVAPE replacement part composed of superior materials. It’s a good idea to get an extra airflow box so you can have one soaking and one ready to go. You can rely on us to have the XVAPE replacement parts you require to keep your favorite vaporizer operational! It is a replacement Airflow Box for your XLux Roffu.

Key Features :

  1. Cutting-Edge Air Purification Technology
  2. Efficient Cleaning with a High Airflow Rate
  3. Filtration System with Multiple Stages
  4. Intelligent Sensors for Automatic Adjustment
  5. Quiet Operation to Maintain Peace in the Environment
  6. Customizable fan speeds and timer settings
  7. Various Modes to Meet Various Needs
  8. Sleek and Contemporary Design
  9. Simple Interface and Display
  10. Efficient Use of Energy
  11. Compact Size for Versatile Placement

Warranty –

All products come with a 1-year warranty backed by Giggle Grass.


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