Dosing Capsules For XMax V3 Pro / XLUX Roffu + Caddy

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Upgrade your vaping experience with our Capsules for XMax V3 Pro+Caddy. These stylish, strong accessories make it simple to store and retrieve your capsules.

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Capsules For XMax V3 Pro+Caddy
This item: Dosing Capsules For XMax V3 Pro / XLUX Roffu + Caddy

In stock

2,799.00 Inc GST
2,799.00 Inc GST
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Capsules For XMax V3 Pro+Caddy

The Capsules For XMax V3 Pro+Caddy are the greatest or best capsules in vaping accessories. These cutting-edge capsules elevate your vaping experience by being made with convenience, portability, and versatility in mind. These capsules guarantee a smooth and trouble-free vaping experience with a secure fit, simple material switching, and mess-free functioning. To make traveling more convenient, preload many capsules in the included caddy. Our Capsules eliminate the need for time-consuming cleaning and reloading, making vaping simple and fun. With our capsules, you may improve your vaping habit and enjoy a high level of performance and smoothness.


  • Versatile Compatibility: The capsules provide a precise fit and deliver top performance when paired with XMax V3 Pro+Caddy.
  • Portable Caddy: You may conveniently transport several capsules with the provided caddy, keeping them arranged, safe, and accessible wherever you go.
  • Secure Fit: These capsules offer a tight fit inside the XMax V3 Pro vaporizer, guaranteeing airtight containment of your herbs or concentrates and stopping any leaks or spills.
  • Leak-proof Design: With their safe and airtight construction, the capsules guarantee a mess-free vaping experience by preventing any leaks or spills during use.
  • Easy Material Switching: The Capsules For XMax V3 Pro+Caddy make it simple to switch between various herbs, letting you take advantage of a range of flavors and effects without having to clean or reload.


  • Easy and convenient filling of herbs or concentrates.
  • Encourage hygiene and make cleanup easier after usage.
  • Increase portability by including pre-loaded capsules in the caddy.
  • Provide consistent and controlled dosage to ensure a consistent experience.
  • Allow for quick swapping between materials without cross-contamination.
  • Reduce direct contact to potentially extend the vaporizer’s lifespan.
  • Improve vaporization efficiency and produce tasty vapour.

How to use Capsules For XMax V3 Pro+Caddy?

First fill the capsules with the herbs or concentrates of your choice. Check that the capsules are correctly filled and packed. Insert the filled capsules into the XMax V3 Pro+Caddy’s corresponding slots. Check that the caddy is properly fastened to the vaporizer. Turn on the gadget and select your preferred temperature. Inhale the vapour created by the capsules through the mouthpiece once the vaporizer has reached the correct temperature. Remove and rinse the capsules after use to prepare for future sessions.


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