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Grind your herbs with the power of Zeus. The ZEUS Bolt grinder has diamond cut teeth that are designed to ensure the best consistency for effective vaporization. It is manufactured of aircraft grade anodized aluminum. This 4 piece grinder is ideal for any vaporizer because it includes an airtight carrying container for travel.

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This item: ZEUS BOLT™ 2

Available on backorder

2,599.00 Inc GST
2,599.00 Inc GST
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The Zeus Bolt Grinder are known for their incredibly high quality and are manufactured of Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA), which is both incredibly durable and light at the same time, toughened to withstand environmental strain. The ZEUS Bolt 2 Herb Grinder has diamond-cut teeth that are tuned to grind herbs to the ideal consistency. It is a medium-sized grinder. When utilizing vaporizers, consistency in grind is crucial because it will improve efficient vaporization and, ultimately, save money. The Bolt 2 Grinder is big enough to be practical but tiny enough to be covert and portable when necessary.

The ZEUS Bolt 2 Herb Grinder, unlike many other four-piece aluminum grinders, comes with a sturdy hard case that is airtight, making it the ideal smell-proof container for your Bolt 2 while you’re on the move. If the screening compartment is removed, the grinder can also be converted into a three-piece grinder. No matter what vaporizer you use, the ZEUS Bolt 2 is the ideal grinder.

Technical Specifications –

  • 4 pieces (3 chambers)
  • 5.5 cm diameter x 4.5 cm height
  • Magnetic lid.
  • Diamond cut teeth.
  • Vaporization Adjustment.
  • Coated aircraft-grade aluminum is used.

How to Use?

  1. Open the top of Bolt Grinder.
  2. Put a herb on the bottom layer of teeth.
  3. Close the top of Bolt Grinder.
  4. Turn the Bolt Grinder’s top portion by twisting it in both directions.
  5. The herb will fall through the second layer and into the main chamber once it has been ground to the ideal consistency for vaporization.
  6. To access the herb in the middle chamber, unscrew the top two parts from the bottom two.
  7. The bottom container stores botanical dust after passing through the fine mesh screen.

What’s in the box –

  • 1 x 4 piece ZEUS Bolt 2 Grinder
  • 1 x ZEUS Scoop
  • 1 x Hard Carrying Case


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