The Mega Globe™ 14mm Female

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The Mega Globe holds OVER TWICE the water volume of the original Sneaky Pete Globe, meaning it can handle larger hits at higher temperatures. It’s designed around a precision-cut stereo matrix percolator which creates easy airflow with lots of bubbly filtration, leaving you with super smooth and cool vapour.

At 5.5″ in height and 4.25″ in diameter, the Mega Globe is 40% wider and taller than the original Globe, and the footprint has been increased by over one-third, making it significantly more stable. Both joints are 14mm female, the most commonly used size for water pipe adapters. The Mega Globe package includes a whip with a new 90-degree joint that makes it easier to use, and a glass stem mouthpiece, so you can choose the method of use that works best for you. Perfect for concentrate vapes, dry herb vapes, dabbing, or smoking, it’s a highly versatile water pipe.

This is everything you’ll need for full water conditioning in one package.

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Mega Globe clear
This item: The Mega Globe™ 14mm Female

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4,499.00 Inc GST
4,499.00 Inc GST
Arizer Clear 115mm Glass Stem
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Arizer Black Glass Mouthpiece 70mm
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The Mega globe similar to Sneaky Pete Mega Globe will deal with the largest and hottest vapour hits without even breaking a sweat. The stereo matrix percolator provides ultimate filtration and cooling, plus the extra large capacity means the Mega Globe is capable of pumping out huge clouds that are thick and tasty. Being 40% wider and taller than the original Sneaky Pete Globe, the Mega Globe is mega-stable.

The 90-degree jointed whip and separate glass mouthpiece included with the Mega Globe make it easy to customize for your set-up. The two 14mm female joints are easy to access and are a perfect match for many of your favourite concentrate or dry herb vaporizers. Otherwise, the Master Adapter will let you adapt almost any vaporizer to this hearty glass piece.

How to Use Mega Globe?

Through either of the joints, fill your Mega Globe with water to a little above the top of the percolator, then insert your vaporizer into the top 14mm female joint, using an adapter if you need one. You’ll also want to go ahead and attach either the whip or the glass mouthpiece to the side joint, depending on your preferred set-up.

For a visual demonstration, the video above features examples using the DynaVap M with a Dabcap and the Fury 2 by Healthy Rips. As you can see in the video, the wide base of the Mega Globe makes it super stable and it will easily hold most vaporizers hands-free without tipping over.

As you inhale, the vapour is pulled through a stereo matrix percolator which creates lots of tiny vapour bubbles that disperse throughout the huge volume of water. This process cools and hydrates the vapour, leaving you with smooth hits that go down easily, a real treat for your respiratory system.

The Mega Globe can also be used without water, although this will reduce the vapour cooling effects and remove the hydration.

How To Clean Mega Globe?

You should keep your glass water pipes clean for the best performance and flavor, but there’s absolutely no need to overdo it. I only clean my glass when it’s getting noticeably dirty when there’s a build-up of resin or particulate matter and it’s no longer transparent.

To clean your Mega Globe, empty all the water out first. Put some isopropyl alcohol and a good shake of rock salt directly into the Mega Globe bowl. Plug the joints with your fingers and gently but securely grip your glass to give it a really good shake, swirling the iso and salt all throughout the bowl. The rock salt is a gentle abrasive that will mechanically remove the resin without scratching the glass.

As soon as it’s clean, stop shaking, give the glass a thorough rinse under a tap and stand it on a paper towel to dry. For the best results, use a 99% concentration of isopropyl alcohol. You can buy cheap dollar-store stuff but the weaker dilution won’t work nearly as well. Check out my video on how to clean your glass water pipes for extra visuals.


The colossal cooling capabilities of the Mega Globe will easily out-compete other water pieces and effectively cool even the thickest clouds you can throw at it.

The Mega Globe is a super versatile water pipe that’s simple to use and fits any 14mm male vaporizer or water pipe adapter.


Size might matter. Yes, this globe is big. It’s MEGA! Sitting at 5.5″ high and 4.25″ in diameter, it’s not so easily stashed away and will take up significant space in your collection.

The Mega Globe is everything you need for complete water conditioning in one simple and elegant piece. The fine-tuned vaporisation pathway of the Mega Globe purifies and condenses your vapour like no other water pipe, to provide super smooth and delicious hits.




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