Wood Stem Dani Fusion

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The Dani Fusion Wood Stem is the most recent product from Battery-Free Ganz. It is, in some ways, a fusion of the brand’s past models, integrating their greatest attributes in a single vaporizer. To make matters worse, it works with induction heaters!

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This item: Wood Stem Dani Fusion

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14,499.00 Inc GST
14,499.00 Inc GST
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The Perfect Wood Companion: The Dani Fusion Wood Stem

The BFG Dani Fusion is a herb vaporizer that doesn’t need a battery and uses a torch to heat it up efficiently. The Fusion is designed to extract well and produce big flavor-filled clouds. It heats up everything evenly too! You can use The Wand induction heater with The Fusion, but usually, it’s faster and easier to just use a torch.

The Dani Fusion Wood Stem, like the tiny wood stem, produces a lot of vapour and has a great flavour thanks to the Stainless Steel and Titanium Vapour Path. Because it is made of wood with a Stainless Steel liner, it wicks less heat away from the tip than complete metal choices, resulting in slightly thicker clouds later in the session. The Wood Stem has a central air hole for increased cooling, top and bottom grips, is well balanced, and has an insulated holding surface. It also has a Titanium cooling helix on the inside. The Dani Fusion Wood Stem, in our opinion, offers the best blend of cooling and flavour.

Dani Fusion Wood Stem Features

  • Airflow control (MTL or DTL)
  • There are two heat levels.
  • Bimetallic Temperature Indicator (one click)
  • Extractions using a single heat source Possible
  • Drip Tip 510 IH Compatible
  • Magnetic Stainless Steel Cap
  • Vapor/Air Pathway in Stainless Steel (SS316) and Titanium (CP2)
  • Titanium Chamber and Cooling Helix CP2
  • Vietnamese Rosewood
  • The Ispire Wand allows for hands-free operation
  • Leather Carry Pouch (doubles as cap remover)
  • Each Wood Stem has a unique grain and colouring

Heating of Stem

  • After loading, do not tighten the cap; instead, do it carefully.
  • The Dani Fusion Wood Stem has two silver strips around the cap.
  • You can heat the smaller one to a low temperature and the thicker one to a greater temperature…
  • However, we’ve discovered that heating both at the same time is the most effective!
  • Count past the click for a single heat cycle extraction…
  • You may safely heat for up to 10 seconds past the click using the Cyclone Triple Torch’s single flame on the small ring and two flames on the large ring.
  • Alternatively, you can use a Big Shot Torch to simultaneously heat both.



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