DynaVap: The M Plus

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A portable vaporizer made by DynaVap is called the DynaVap M Plus. It is made of medical-grade stainless steel and has the recognizable Captive Cap, which displays the temperature. The DynaVap M Plus can be heated in a number of ways, including an induction heater or a torch lighter, and is intended to be used with dry herbs.

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Dynavap M Plus
This item: DynaVap: The M Plus

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8,499.00 Inc GST
8,499.00 Inc GST
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The DynaVap M Plus is our most popular battery-free dry herb vaporizer. With no electronic parts and stainless steel construction, this portable vaporizer allows you to use your device almost anywhere and at any time. The M Plus offers a variety of experiences ranging from micro-dosing to full extraction. Any heat source can be used, but for the best flavor, we recommend using a butane torch or an induction heater.

The M Plus herbal vaporizer is more dynamic than smoking due to the thermal extraction of your material and is designed to be used with dry herbs or concentrates (DynaCoil adaptor sold separately). You’ll get more out of your stash, your flavor, and your wallet. This product offers a distinct vaping experience while retaining the desired smoking rituals.

DynaVap’s flagship “M” dry herb vaporizer is in its most recent iteration. The “M” Plus features a more pronounced airport for simpler airflow control as well as the first finless tip for quick heat-up times.

Features DynaVap M Plus:

  • Experience the power of the new tip design that provides faster heat-up with the first finless tip with heat indication markers.
  • Made entirely of medical-grade stainless steel in the USA.
  • Has the ability to perform almost all extractions in a single heat cycle.
  • Square airport – makes it simpler to identify for complete airflow control
  • The Adjust-a-bowl feature enables you to change the chamber’s size to suit your needs.
  • A pivot-style rocker for smooth manual airflow control
  • A robust tactile, textured finish that improves grip
  • A dosing chamber with a grinder integrated into it
  • The 10mm female water piece openings on the tapered mouthpiece fit snugly.


Replacement warranty only for defective on arrival units.


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