DynaVap The M: Obsidium

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The Dynavap M Obsidium makes another appearance due to popular demand! Now with even more brilliance in smoky shades of black across the various aspects.

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DynaVap The M Obsidium
This item: DynaVap The M: Obsidium

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11,999.00 Inc GST
11,999.00 Inc GST
DynaVap The VonG (i): Titanium
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Dynavap M essentials kit
1 × DynaVap: The "M - 2021" Essentials Kit

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Vapman mouthpiece
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1 × DynaVap THE "M": VERDIUM

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The latest DynaVap M model

This is DynaVap’s most recent “M” model, first released in 2021. The DynaVap M 2021 has a dual chiral airport in the shape of an “M” for simple rocking and adjustments, as well as smooth geometrical indentations on both the tip and body for a cool, stylish look.


The Fall Colors for 2022 are here  :

Vape in style with the 2022 Fall colors from DynaVap! This distinct, textured surface is the result of DynaVap’s innovative custom engraving technique, which produces a sophisticated, uniform finish from the Tip all the way down the Stem. Fall Colors in 2022 PrisM is a rich, polished blend of black and purple. With a Brown-copper finish, AutuM radiates an old, treasure-like attitude. Fall Colors in 2021 In case you missed it, DynaVap’s bright rainbow of 2021 DynaVap M’s is still available. DynaVap’s illuminated side is displayed in Azurium and Verdium, but Obsidium’s stealthier approach keeps it beneath the radar.


Who is the Dynavap M Obsidium intended for?

 The M Obsidium (or TED, for Thermal Extraction Device) is ideal for anyone looking for a real one-hitter, manual dry herb vape with an almost durable design. The basic design generates great, consistent vapor quality and never needs to be charged, making it ready to vape off the grid.

Free of batteries :

DynaVap vaporizers can be used with any type of heat source, however, they operate best with a small butane flame lighter. There’s no need to be concerned about battery life, because “recharging” is as simple as refueling your lighter.


Warranty :

The Dynavap M Obsidium is designed to last a lifetime, and uncommon warranty issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. The VapCap M, like all of our DynaVape products, is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



  • It is recommended that you use a butane torch-style lighter with your VapCap.
  • To reheat, wait until you hear or feel the reset click or at least 30 seconds after the VapCap stops producing vapor.
  • It is critical to wait until you hear the cool-down click before applying more heat.
  • Stop heating your VapCap as soon as you hear the click until you get to know each other better.
  • The air/vapor adjustment port allows you to adjust the intensity of the flavor.
  • You may want to apply heat for 1-2 seconds after the click, depending on your personal preference and heat source, as well as how many cycles have passed since the VapCap was loaded. This will result in a distinct level of roasted flavor.
  • During and after use, the end of the VapCap becomes extremely hot. Touch the hot end only after it has cooled. Please avoid putting the hot end into your mouth.
  • After hearing the cool down click, the VapCap can be safely returned to its Special Case or reloaded.

Cleaning instructions:

To remove consumed material from the chamber, either blow on the mouthpiece or use the built-in extractor or “digger outer” to empty the chamber. The body can be cleaned with hot water. You can also use the included carrying case to wash your VapCap with the cap removed by filling it halfway with almost any cleaning solution and shaking or soaking it.

The M Obsidium Features:

  • Made entirely in the USA from medical-grade stainless steel
  • Notched dosing chamber functions as a built-in grinder
  • Adjust-a-Bowl feature allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs and is ideal for microdosing
  • A contoured design for easy gripping
  • Airports for manual airflow control
  • The tapered mouthpiece fits snugly in 10mm female water piece openings

Comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any standard size DynaStash.


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